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Will you be using dialogues from dream daddy?

Sure. :3 If you have any specific quotes you’d like to request, by all means. Otherwise, I’ll probably wait until I have more material to work from, lol. (I don’t own the game; I’m just watching people let’s-play it.)


Some character requests! Also tried some side doodles but I don’t know if I can do that with every design, it took up a lot of time, but it was fun to experiment with. We’ll see.

There one that was requested but isn’t here. They’re going to be with the circus group once I get that done (which might be a little while, sorry)

Quick desc about the legendary characters to clarify:

The current Lugia, Lucas, is very young and is always trying his best to stay on top of things. His mother wants him to relax a bit, but he takes his job very seriously. He’s usually stuck working with Ho-oh; a much older, much more relaxed legendary and this drives him a bit crazy, especially in serious situations.

Ruben is a bit quirky and very nervous, mostly due to him having the sole duty of creating the other three Regis, as every Regigigas does if the old Regi trio isn’t still around. He has no clue how to do this, and the stress is starting to get to him a bit. Maybe one day he’ll figure it out, but as of now he’s on his own!

Now for who requested what; Diancie was requested by an anon, Chesnaught and Delphox were requested by @xxannoyingguyxx, Octillery by an anon, Lugia by CesarCraft on on da (kind of, not full request but a question about Lugia, might have gone a little overboard), and the Regis (or I guess Regi) by kyurem2424 on da.

This Week’s Requests

If you want to type one of these characters, please submit a post. :)

Criminal Minds: Luke, Tara

Spider-Man Movie Trilogy series with Tobey Maguire

What Remains Of Edith Finch

Half Life: Gordon Freeman

Portal: Chell

The Ministry Of Time (Spanish series) (Julian, Alonso, Amelia, Irene, Salvador and Ernesto)

Mortified: Taylor

Se7en (1995): Somerset, Mills, John Doe.

M*A*S*H: BJ, Margaret, Potter, Winchester,Frank, Father Mulcahy, Klinger, Trapper John

Game of Thrones: Myranda (SP type)

Tangled: The Series

Over the Hedge

Peter Pan (2003 movie)          

The Solitude of Prime Numbers: Alice, Mattia

Final Fantasy VII: Aerith, Sephiroth, Red XIII

Final Fantasy X: Auron, Yuna, Lulu, Wakka, Rikku, Tidus, Kimahri, Seymour

Skins 3: Grace Violet, Rich Hardbeck, Pandora Moon, JJ Jones, Matty Levan

(Disney): Will, Irma, Taranee, Cornelia, Hay Lin, Elyon, Caleb, Lord Cedric, Phobos, Orube  

Weeds: Nancy, Shane,silas, Doug, Celia, Andy…     

Code Geass: Lelouch

Call of Duty Zombies: Edward Richtofen

BTW, the Star Trek character (Janeway?) submission last week did not fully come in; only one line of text.

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hello! i don't know if you are taking requests but i will try anyways. could you write one peter parker x fem!reader where they are together but she doesn't know he is spider-man and she gets bit by a spider and peter tries to make she feel better and just look at her and says something like "maybe it will give you super powers" and she laughs and kiss him and is just very sweet and fluffy and ahjshshwsj. thank you! sorry this is so long! love your writing! bye

Yes ♡ ೕ(•̀ᴗ•́)

awkwardshyfangirl  asked:

Hello, Could you do the Gaiden version of Mathilda in #117? If you didn't want to do that, is Kai (#155) from Harvest Moon alright instead? I don't want to be greedy...

How about both? :D I hope you like them!

Requests are closed, sorry!

reina-miyama  asked:

Please I want nalu spending all day at a beach lonely and spend a romantic night

Author’s Note: I changed up the prompt just a bit, I hope that’s okay! And thank you for requesting, I really liked this one :) Please enjoy~

Length: 1271 words

Genre: Fluff

Rating: K

She smothers her giggles with her free hand as she follows him, Natsu tugging her forward gently, his hand hot against her’s, even with the warm breeze of a summer’s night wafting around them. He leads her behind the beach bar, the dried fronds brushing against their skin and tickling her. The soft sand muffles the sounds of their footsteps, and their feet sink into the sand with every step they take, concealing their escape.

He pushes the large, tropical leaves out of their way, never once letting go of her hand as he leads her away, the fire’s light dancing against their backs. She watches as the ever-changing flames cast their warm glow on his bare back, the muscled expanse the perfect canvas to paint their temporary light.

She glances over her shoulder, towards the origin of the light, from where they are escaping. The silhouette of the bar, no more than a large stand, blocks most of her view, but she can still see into the clearing. People talk and laugh, smiles stretching every flushed face, glasses and bottles clutched in hands. Bodies sway and dance to the music that flowed from hidden speakers with a carefree air, the alcohol in their blood making them much more bold than they ever would be sober. Torches rim the clearing, bathing them all in warm light and creating deep shadows that only worked to accentuate the fact that almost every single one of them was half naked, their clothes lost hours ago.

They step out onto the beach, the leaves falling back into place behind them and cutting off the fire’s light. Out before them in an expanse of pure, white sand, only becoming hidden from view where the water laps at the land. The water is dark in the night, the deep blue stretching on for as far as they can see, seemingly endless. The crescent moon shines, a beautiful sliver amongst the hundreds of stars scattered across the dome of the dark sky. The moon casts its ethereal light down onto the earth, illuminating the sea. Slivers of silver top every gentle wave, creating a scattering of silver over the water. It is a beautiful sight indeed.

Natsu and Lucy look out to the sea as they walk, admiring the serene beauty before them. Their toes sink into the soft sand, the feeling soothing and relaxing. Lucy rests her head on his shoulder as they walk, their intertwined fingers swinging between them. She curls the fingers of her other hand around his arm, her delicate fingers pale against his tan skin. He rubs his thumb on the back of her hand with his thumb, slowly stroking over her knuckles, the rough, warm pad of his thumb soothing.

Soon they reach the water’s edge, the sand thick and wet under their feet. They leave footprints in the sand, the sand squishing pleasantly under their feet. The water laps at their feet, swirling around their ankles with each new wave before receding, slowly erasing their footsteps. The water is warm, the soft swishing of each wave a calming sound, an endless cycle that Lucy thinks she could listen to forever.

They walk the length of the beach, the loud, upbeat music growing fainter and fainter with each step until they can no longer hear it, the sound of the sea the only noise in the quiet air. Now it’s only the two of them with the sea for company, the moon watching over them from its throne in the sky. They don’t speak- they don’t need to. The quiet is peaceful, calm, and they want to enjoy it.

After a while, they reach the cluster of boulders at the halfway point of the beach. Large boulders are stacked together to create a huge pile that extended out into the sea, the waves breaking against the moss-covered rocks at the bottom. The boulders on top are fairly flat and safe, weathered by countless years of wind, water, and waves, making them the perfect place to climb onto and sit to watch the sea.

Natsu raises an eyebrow at her, tilting his chin towards the formation, silently asking if she wants to go on it. Lucy contemplates for a moment but ultimately decides to, and she nods her answer. They unwrap themselves from each other as they near the rocks, needing all limbs to climb. Natsu goes first, finding crevices in the pile to hoist himself up, and begins climbing. Lucy admires the way his muscles move, flexing and rolling under his tan skin as he works to lift himself.

After Natsu has gone far enough to leave enough space for her to start climbing, Lucy steps up to the pile, resting her hands on the rock, feeling the rough texture on her skin as she runs her hands over the surface. She quickly finds cracks between the rock big enough for her hands and feet, and she steps into them, her toes curling around the edges and her fingers grasping the stone. She begins to pull herself up, proud of how easy the climbing as gotten since she was a child, climbing this very same formation. She lifts one hand and brushes her fingers along the rock, searching for another nook. She finds one and latches onto it, repeating the steps as she scales the boulders.

The rock quickly evens out enough for them to walk, hopping from one large slab of rock to the next, dodging the gaps between the boulders as they make their way to the edge. Natsu grasps her fingers as they walk, and Lucy raises their joined hands to shoulder height so she can keep her balance as she jumps from boulder to boulder.

They quickly reach the end of the formation- a large, flat rock that juts out over the water. They stand for a moment, they eyes drinking in the sight of the sea spread out before them. Lucy seats herself on the smooth rock, the stone cool under her bare skin. She tugs on Natsu’s hand gently, urging him to sit with her, and with a fond smile, he does, settling down beside her. He untangles their fingers and lifts his arm, offering her his side. She gladly takes it, scooting closer to him and resting her head on his shoulder, drawing her knees to her chest and loosely curling her arms around his middle. He wraps his arm around her back, pulling her closer to him as he rests his head on her’s, his other arm extended behind him to support them.

They watch as the sea rolls, the silver moving and changing with every shift of the water’s surface. The moon basks them in a soft glow, coating them in a layer of ethereal light. The silver light pales them, making every colour appear a few shades lighter than it truly is. Lucy’s hair is a pale blonde, her skin almost pure white in colour. Natsu’s tanned skin takes on a lighter shade, with his hair turns a soft pink, a muted version of his bright locks. The light watches on the silver ring in his lip and the cuffs in his ears, as well as the rings in Lucy’s own ears, standing out against her pale skin.

They keep each other close, basking in each other’s presence, enjoying their warmth. Lucy’s warm breath tickles his chest as his thumb strokes her arm, to two content on merely enjoying each other’s company.

The diamond ring on Lucy’s left hand says that that’s what they’ll be doing for the rest of their lives.

There you go! Requests are still open, folks!