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Fleetwood Mac By Annie Leibovitz, RS235, March 24, 1977 

“The romantic turmoil of Rumours made this cover tricky. Christine McVie didn’t want to be near her ex, John McVie; Stevie Nicks didn’t want to be beside Lindsey Buckingham, so ended up in Mick Fleetwood’s arms - a hint of an affair to come. “I don’t know how healthy all this display of our personal life was”, said Buckingham. “But that’s showbiz.” - Read more.


“You know, I’m in my twenties now and I would like the roles I take to kind of reflect that age. Unless it’s really great I don’t wanna go back too far, [though] it is a fascinating journey to see someone grow up and be introduced to the adult world. It is and, you know, so many films that we’ve grown up with and we watch all the time are kind of solely about that. But no, I’m ready to move on to that next sort of step now and play people who have already gone through that.” — Saoirse Ronan


Her secret matchmaking skills: If it wasn’t for the weirdos, I’ve have no career. There were these two fans of mine that sent me this thing for my birthday—through my publicist. It was a letter about how they met on a fan forum and they like lived in different states but they met up and – sort of weirdly got together. Two weirdos found each other because they liked what ever weirdo vibes I was giving off! That was so sweet, it almost made me cry. That said, I’m really grateful to all the weirdos out there but I think it’s better for my personal sanity not to read my own fan fiction. - Anna Kendrick photographed by Max Abadian for Fashion Magazine, 2015