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It’s All Fun And Games Until

Pairing: Josh Pieters x reader

Word Count: 498 words

Warnings: None really. It’s mostly fluff and cuteness. 

Summary: Josh surprises Y/N by coming home earlier from a trip to South Africa and they invite the boys over where you decide to be children for a day and play hide and seek. But you accidentally give out your hiding spot by hitting Josh in the balls. @joshpleters

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You put the finishing touches to your new video just as you hear the door open. You furrow your brows feeling your heartbeat quicken. No one is supposed to come today. You slowly get up from your chair and walk towards the door. 

“Y/N?” Josh calls out and you sigh in relief. 

“You bloody idiot! You scared me half to death,” you exclaim walking over to hug him. And then you realise that he isn’t supposed to be home for another three days. 

“What are you doing here?” you ask making him chuckle. 

“I couldn’t go without my girl for much longer. I’ve missed you,” he says giving you a kiss that lingers on your lips. For an entire day, you cuddle up on the couch while you listen to Josh talking about his trip to South Africa. You know how much he misses his family so you feel glad he got to head down there. He should do it more often. The next day you invite over the buttercream squad and you help them film some videos before you all sit on the couch wondering what to do. 

“We should play hide and seek! Forfeits for the people who loses,” you say noticing the others nod in agreement. 

“We should make it into a video, though. Put cameras around and record it,” Joe says and soon enough you’re all setting up cameras and everything. 

“I’ll seek, then you guys go hide,” Jack says and you quickly scramble. Josh waves you over pointing to a tiny closet. 

“No way we can both fit in there,” you whisper but Josh shakes his head. 

“We can definitely fit in there. It’s the perfect spot, he’ll never look here,” Josh explains as he crawls in signalling for you to follow. You end up in a very uncomfortable position on top of Josh, but Jack is done counting so you try desperately to stay still. That just isn’t an option when your foot cramps up and you move suddenly. You barely notice it happen, but Josh screams out in pain and you tumble out of the closet. Josh bends over making weird noises. 

“What the bloody hell is that sound?” Joe says running towards you. And it’s not that you want to laugh, but it is a really funny noise. 

“I told you we wouldn’t fit!” you exclaim making the other boys laugh. They’re all standing around watching Josh in pain. You start laughing as well. 

“Please tell me one of the cameras got that!” Conor laughs. Joe is laughing so hard that he isn’t even making a sound. And you do feel bad for Josh, but it’s also really funny. 

“Next time listen to your girlfriend, mate!” Mikey says leaning on his own knees while laughing. Both you and Josh have tears in your eyes, but it’s for very different reasons. 

“You’re all horrible friends,” Josh cries out making the rest of you laugh even harder. 

“We can live with that.” 


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↳ “Don’t get me wrong. It’s a dream vacation. I mean, I load up, I go into space, I get inside the maximum-security nuthouse, save the President’s daughter if she’s not dead already, get past all the psychos who’ve just woken up. I’m thrilled that you would think of me.”