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“Hyung loves you too!”


S12, Ep 16: Ladies Drink Free (Dean Sees Through Mick’s BS Series Part 4/ 4) - My clever boy.

Mick: I did what needed to be done.
Dean: And that means?
Mick: Last night, I injected her with silver nitrate.
Dean: So you killed her?

Dean finally reveals his suspicions and Mick folds. 



Fake Dating/Contract Relationships


1/ days of hobi


Buffy/Angel Appreciation Week | Day 7: Free day » Everyone discussing the importance of their relationship

To be able to find the one person in all dimensions that I was meant to be with, and have everything work out exactly as I dreamed. I mean, how often does the universe allow that to happen?

crazymazypumble  asked:

I wonder if all the series you intend to make all connect like a universe thing. also Have you ever considered putting the "accidental" kiss scene of w2h canon? I mean if it's accidental than nothing can go wrong, right? ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

You know, I have actually considered that!  One of my other OLD short film ideas (Blackie Maxx and Moé-bot) was set in an alternate universe where Y2K actually happened, so that could be the thing that connects any potential series’.  W2H could be set in the 90′s, and theoretically build up to an apocalyptic Y2K ending!  And Gayliens … well Gayliens could fall anywhere on the timeline, I guess.  I haven’t thought too much about it, it’s just something that’s crossed my mind once or twice.  I’m more concerned with the individual stories being satisfying on their own, but if they happened to intertwine in some clever way, that might be fun!

I’m guessing the “accidental kiss scene” you’re talking about is a gif I posted a long time ago, haha, and it was just kind of a fun exercise for myself, trying to get back into animating after I graduated (I didn’t have a cintiq at the time so it was an attempt to animate on my old Intuos, and it was… troublesome, to say the least!)  But I guess what I had in mind when I animated that was some sort of ‘dare’ situation?  Haha.. so it’s definitely not impossible!  And absolutely not wrong!  I just wasn’t picturing any specific scene building up to that moment, just being indulgent and animating the moment itself! 


Anders + Looking at Hawke