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The Amado Twins

Born August 10 in Michoacán, México to a native momma and a Argentine poppa. Their natural hair color is dark brown but when they were 8 they discovered hair dye and it’s never been the same since. One of the twins has a birthmark on his upper left cheek. The other twin doesn’t but he doodles it in anyway so they can stay looking identical. They don’t match in style but they Always match in color. Schemes, tricks, pranks? They love that shit. There is hardly anything they won’t do together. Edit: Both speak English but Z’s accent is a tad bit thicker than Benji’s. They often speak spanish fast/with slang when they wanna talk smack about other people who are present. They also practice a shit ton together to be in “sync” with either movements or phrases, just to freak people out.

When you forget to renew that demonic pact you made a decade ago and the creature inside you tries to escape…

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So, one of the nasty anons I got recently (which I didn’t post because it scared me a bit tbh) included something along the lines of “I bet the reason you don’t post selfies is because you’re an ugly fat dyke blah blah but it’s probably a good thing I don’t know how to recognise you’ (I’m precis-ing!) and apart from being a bit alarmed, my main reaction was no, child, I don’t PUT MY ACTUAL FACE on OPEN INTERNET linked to my tumblr because I GREW UP IN THE 1990S and I am still CONSTANTLY ALARMED by the young posting selfies for that reason

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