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And Relative Dimension In Space. It means, “What the hell?”


Ok so @mizjoely and I were just saying about our ship that it will likely be around creating lovely fan things for quite some time and we both agreed that it’s partly because DAT SCENE gave us so much fuel to work with.

So I was like, that scene gave us enough kindling to keep this fire crackling for years!

And she was like, it’s kindling made from a coffin!

And I was like, yeah Sherlock made us that kindling with his own BARE HANDS!!

And then I was like, this should be in a post!

And she was like, DO IT!!

So I did. XD

So to sum up, our ship burns bright cuz Sherlock made us lots of good kindling from destroying Molly’s coffin due to his love fueled rage. So basically, love fuels love. The end, and goodnight.❤️

(Wow this looked so much more clever in my head lol)

Happy Birthday Pidge Gunderson / Katie Holt ( April 3rd )

“I bet my bottom dollar you’re gonna be part of something that makes the whole universe sit up and take notice.”