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For me, acting is not about lying. Yes, you’re playing pretend, we’re very aware that none of it is real, but it’s a series of psychology tricks to get your brain and body to believe that what’s happening is real. And when you believe it, you share a great deal of yourself in the process, because you’re sharing your own experiences, you’re sharing your own feelings, you’re sharing ugly truths about yourself — you know truths that are not always pleasant to reveal, you know something about selfishness, ego, narcissism, psychosis, anger, rage, and on the other end of the spectrum, you know something about love and joy and passion, and you get to reveal all of those things too. – Jordan Gavaris


Orphan Black Ari Millen, Dylan Bruce, John Fawcett, interview at C2E2 2015.

WARNING: This video may contain spoilers of tonight’s episode.


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“For me, it’s like playing the same instrument but in a different context. TV work – it’s really about getting it just right. You have a chance to try again if it’s not. Theatre is like playing a rock show. It doesn’t really matter if you make a tiny mistake. It’s the whole vibe and getting people to feel you. It’s about carrying the moment through all the way with you in an hour and 20 minutes of the narrative.”

Orphan Black UK Fan Convention

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Tanya (@DELPHINUS) and I are trying our best to get an Orphan Black UK convention. Expectedly, Tatiana wouldn’t be able to go but there is high hopes for the rest of the cast.

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