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We need to talk about this.

Camila’s statement is a clear demonstration on how the music industry works and how they treat most of their artists like shit. Then we have that leaked audio of Lauren literally saying, “They make decisions on regular basis, to fuck us over, to make us literal slaves, like, literally slaves, Ally. We’re doing labor every day and we see nothing.”

This is not okay. It’s not okay to treat a band of 19-23 year olds like robots made to make them money. It’s not okay to make them sign a contract and keep them as slaves of the industry. If you ask me, I say this is why Camila left the band; it was not because she didn’t get along with the other girls – we know this is not the case, it was not because of the amount of hate she was getting – she dealt with it since I Know What You Did Last Summer came out. She decided to quit as soon as her contract inspired because their label and management team only sees them as their money maker. They don’t care about the band, let alone about the fans and they don’t care about their health, even though we all know Camila and Lauren suffer from terrible anxiety. But as long as they get their money, everything else is simply irrelevant.

Camila didn’t even know they were going to publish that note today. She was indeed planning on leaving but she said herself this was not how she had planned. Can you imagine how she’s feeling after their management made the whole world think she let the girls know she was leaving through her “representatives”, as if she didn’t care about the band, as if she didn’t spend the whole tour talking to the other four about it? She would never make that decision alone – she would never let her bandmates know she was leaving like this.

I think it’s understatement to say that Maverick fucked up. They literally dropped a bomb on us and on Camila. She didn’t know last night’s Jingle Ball was her last concert as a official member, that’s why she had that big beautiful unbothered smile on her face. She didn’t know that was her last time performing with the girls, and you can imagine how heartbreaking that was to her. She changed her twitter layout to black and white pictures after releasing her statement, for fucks sake.

This situation is not okay. I need my girls to stay away from that toxic management team.

Camila deserves better;
Ally deserves better;
Dinah deserves better;
Lauren deserves better;
Normani deserves better;

Fifth Harmony deserve better.


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