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isn’t it interesting

how whenever lyrics by artists like Nicki Minaj, Beyonce and M.I.A are used on photo sets and gif sets and graphics of white women

it’s alway signifying some kind of Otherness or rebel status: white women who r warriors like Jennifer Lawrence’s Katniss, or Emilia Clarke’s Danaerys, or in queer interpretations with Buffy and Faith. but i never see Nicki or M.I.A or Bey’s lyrics on photosets where white women are being deep and contemplative and innocent (Sansa Stark) or gentle and vulnerable and “feminine” and pensive and in love; no there’s a hundred thousand playlists of Florence and the Machine and Regina Spektor and Lana Del Rey and Marina and the Diamonds for that stuff right?

did y'all ever think, i mean you, white feminists on Tumblr who love to talk about ~weaponized femininity~ that maybe your use of Black and Brown women’s words is premised on seeing them as Other, as rebels, as not-quite-women, and that by appropriating these lyrics without considering the larger context of womanhood and race y'all are basically capitalizing off a marginalization that you created to affirm YOUR status as the Everywoman?

did y'all ever think it suspect that Nicki and M.I.A and Rihanna will be tokenized on a hundred “badass” playlists but none of y'all can name a single 90’s R&B song when it comes to a playlist about love and sensuality?

ever stop to wonder how affirmation of “rebel” white women like Dany and Katniss are constituted from the marginalization of WOC from feminist spaces y'all have defined as (implicitly) white?


maybe stop and think a little bit before taking catchy lyrics out of context?

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