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♛ Morgan le Fay + quotes {6/ ∞}

“Mordred. Morgan’s blood. Anyone can see that with half an eye. He pulls up his horse on the racetrack ahead of the rest and swings neatly down. He smoothed the sweating beast with a whisper, hands the reins to the ready groom, and comes towards me, unhurried but purposeful. He looks pleased with life, but his breathing is steady. You wouldn’t think he had just won a race. A young man under control, with deep reserves of power kept hidden, like a salmon that hangs flickering in the current. An arresting face. Darkly handsome. Morgan might have looked like that if Gorlois had ever sired a son. Black Morgan. Black Mordred. ”

Taliesin’s telling (Morgan le Fay Book Four) - Fay Sampson