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halloween in france;

Since it’s Halloween season, let’s dig into Halloween Culture in France (this might be helpful from anyone writing a story that takes place in France and around Halloween);

  • Halloween is not an official holiday in France
    • It’s really not that big a deal.
  • No kids will go around and collect candy from others. Kids might dress up but it is very rare, but definitely no trick or treating.
    • However, children are off during the Halloween season because of the Toussaint Vacation (usually two weeks from end of October to early November).
  • There are BARELY if ANY decorations around.
  • Anything that is commercialized as “halloween” is because of americanization, or to appeal to a more american audience (*cough cough* jeremy zag).
  • If anything, they only focus on the scary parts of Halloween.
  • There are parties at clubs that are Halloween themed, but once again it’s more americanization and less of a big deal than in the United States.
    • People really don’t dress up.
  • The dressing up Holiday in France is Mardi Gras, which will be Tuesday, February 13th in 2018! There’s a lot more celebration and dressing up for that holiday.
    • And crepes too! 

basically: Halloween is not really a thing at all, so when writing or talking about French culture during Halloween shouldn’t be any that different from any other day in the year.


author’s note: requested by @thugshawn.

You’re Shawn’s girlfriend and you both love each other so much, and at his birthday party he kinda “avoid” you because you both aren’t public yet, and you feel upset and stuff but after all it ends with something really fluffy.

It was the day you had been waiting for, at some point- your loving boyfriend’s birthday. You were truly excited to see Karen, Manny and Aaliyah again, but also Geoff, Andrew and all the band members. You were making sure that everything was on point and correctly at its place. Shawn, behind you, wrapped his toned arms around your hips, pulling you closer to his body.

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ended up taking a walk back through my fav ml amvs and thought i’d share:

mon chéri 

Miraculous Ladybug│LadyNoir│ {HER LOVE} 

Miraculous Ladybug│LadyNoir│ {Love Me Like You Do} 

│Ladybug x Cat Noir│ {Jaw Drop} 

I WON’T BITE || Chat Noir 

Cat Noir/Cat Noir [Miraculous LadyBug] - Play Game 

Fools In Love 

Real-Life Fantasy ;) || Miraculous Ladybug

“ML S2 SPOILERS: Am I the only one who’s really pissed about season 2’s plot? Not only my theory of Lila being a reverse Chloe (her liking Marinette and hating Ladybug) has gone out the window, but now Lila is going to be the new antagonist (besides from Hawkmoth). It shows that she didn’t learn her lesson at all and is willing to hurt others and spread ridiculous lies just to get what she wants. Also, all this drama between Marinette (with the help of Alya), Lila and Chloe over a boy is really dumb and cliché and it’s also the very opposite of what the fanbase wanted, since it can ruin the love square. I don’t mean to sound like an entitled fanbrat, but I’m just angry about the wasted potential of Lila and all this drama for nothing” 

Marinette’s hair doesn’t change when she turns into Ladybug, so she probably presumes that whoever Chat is when he’s not Chat has the same hairstyle as Chat (which we know he doesn’t).

Adrien on the other hand knows his hair and eyes changes when he turns into Chat Noir so probably thinks that whoever Ladybug is in real life looks rather different to Ladybug as he knows her.

Maybe they’re not actually blind.

lmao I found this in my drafts from like ages ago and now I’m thinking about it again