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Moving Forward - Chapter 52

Every once in a while, there is good Gillovny news in form of a new chapter of MF :D I love you, guys! You are seriously the best part of this fandom! Hope you enjoy, even though there’s more tension to come :D Also, it’s TWO years since I first started to write on this… can you believe it?!

And thank you @justholdinghandsok my bestest ever beta-reader <3

“A lie can run around the world before the truth has got its boots on.” - Terry Pratchett  

Gillian jolted awake as she heard a high-pitched cry coming from the other room, and immediately hissed at the sharp pain shooting through her neck, caused by her sudden movement.

“Oww, fuck,” she cursed and reached for the bedside lamp while shielding her eyes against the brightness. A quick look at the alarm clock told her that it was just a few minutes past midnight, and the spot beside her was still empty.

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