gifs: mass effect

Confession:  I get tired of the “double standard” (or w/e) the bioware fandoms have for the protagonist vs. squadmates. The protagonist can make suggestive comments to squadmates instantly, and people accept it as silly simplistic dialogue trees, but if a squadmate shows an active interest in the protagonist after the player’s flirted with them people act as if that’s clingy or gross, especially if the squadmate is usually reserved or polite, instead of the clumsy mechanic it is- they HAVE to express interest if the romance path is triggered: they think the player is developing a romance with them until someone else is locked in or the player dumps them. Maybe the player didn’t mean to trigger the romance, but that’s not the characters’ fault, its programming. Or, the instant two unromanced squadmates hook up, fans act as if that’s unfair. Or the protagonist can treat everyone like crap, but the instant a squadmate complains, it’s treated as a huge betrayal. I get players want to control the game, some squadmates are annoying, and the writing doesn’t always handle things well, but Shepard/Ryder is just passport into a world of characters with their own thoughts and emotions, they shouldn’t be pawns the player has complete say over.