gifs: mapcrunch

mapcrunch is so weird like you think you’re gonna get dropped in these beautiful places

like look at that wow so peaceful

camera guy’s shadow how cool



but really you just get dropped in places that make no sense like

what the fuck are you doing in an office spiderman

guess it’s fuckin nap time idk

how the fuck am i supposed to find anything in this store

oh yes i’ll take that

today’s mapcrunch page/area is a treasure trove of animal (especially puppy) gifts

first, we have this page…

why hello there you lovely cat

and this dog. this dog is basking in the sun and living the goddamn life. also i love him

so then you turn, and there’s more!

this cute ass little puppy

and one in the distance! behold!

so we turn to get a closer look at this first glorious dog and– ANOTHER PUPPY FRIEND! how splendid

okay. let’s move forward so we can see the other one. here he is, perfect and lovable in all his adorable glory

but wait. you turn again, and just to the left of the dog above, TWO MORE PUPPY FRIENDS!!!

im pretty sure that one dog is the same one under the car two pictures above, but who cares? more cute ass puppies to rejoice in, either way!

…this is my new favourite mapcrunch game: spot how many animals of your choosing (or in general) within a close vicinity. it’s very rewarding, as you can see.

well I just had a very creepy adventure playing the airport game before I accidentally exed out

now doesn’t this look like such a friendly house to start off at?

yeahhh that’s what I thought too let’s get away from here. oh what’s that? a similar scene is waiting just down the street

now it is really time to get away from these creepy vans. HAHAH NOPE

whatever country I was stranded in is a big fan of these sketchy ass vans