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Hey guys. Bit of a special post tonight dedicated to craftsmanship and extraordinary people.

This isn’t one of my restorations. You can tell because this one is finished…

This is my great grandfather’s writing desk. My folks gave it to me when they downsized their house. As you can see, when I got it it was in rough shape. We’d moved all across the country throughout my childhood and the desk had been banged around quite a bit. 

However, not long after I got it, one of my close friends told me that his dad (whom I’d known for many years) would occasionally take on furniture restoration projects. The desk is a special piece for me because it’s been passed down to each first-born son for 3 generations. In a house full of antique radios, this is the only real family antique I have. I was eager to see it restored, and lacked the skills to do it myself at the time, so I asked my friend to chat with his dad about it. 

Obviously he accepted. Above are his process pictures.

It only took him about 2 months to complete. This is a crazy short amount of time in my opinion, especially for someone doing this in their spare time. So by November I had it back and (as you can see) it looked amazing. He said it took him 3hrs each handle to remove the tarnish from the brass and polish it up. The desk now sits in my living room and is in great shape so it can be passed down to my son at some point.

I am forever grateful for his efforts on this project.

In addition to this amazing restoration job (and many others), this guy has climbed all of the Cascade mountains (Google them if you’re not from Oregon), has hiked the length of Oregon on the Pacific Crest Trail, climbed huge trees as a forester, built (or helped build) houses, stargazed, been a photographer, and gone backpacking even while fighting terminal cancer. As he nears the end of his trail (at too young an age), I wanted to write this post to celebrate amazing accomplishments, family, friends and craftsmanship.

Thanks Mike!