gifs: les mis

Can we just take a minute to appreciate the Les Mis fandom

Because most fandoms have characters who die tragic deaths and whatnot

But Les Mis ends with nine out of ten barricade boys dead and no one ever comes back to life

And there are three major incarnations of it in the brick and the musical and the movie

And everyone dies horrible deaths in every incarnation

And still all I see on my dash is cheerful posts about Courf handing out Valentines and Bahorel wearing a scarf Jehan knit for him and just wow

The level of sheer denial optimism is astounding

Slow clap it out for the Les Mis people


another meme i won’t finish [9/10 female characters]: Eponine Thenardier

“As you like, but you shall not enter here. I’m not the daughter of a dog, since I’m the daughter of a wolf. There are six of you, what matters that to me? You are men. Well, I’m a woman. You don’t frighten me.”

I love how both Denmark and Sweden seem to have decided the final verse of 'Stars' wasn't gay enough in English

Danish!Javert: God, let me have him
Danish!Javert: Nothing’s regretted
Danish!Javert: Nothing left
Danish!Javert: I’ll catch him
Danish!Javert: Unfortunately, I must
Danish!Javert: by the sparkling night!
Swedish!Javert: God, give him to me
Swedish!Javert: He is my convict
Swedish!Javert: All I ask for*
Swedish!Javert: I’ll endure
Swedish!Javert: Until then… Yes, I swear!
Swedish!Javert: I swear by God’s stars!

Here’s the thing. From that lovely snowstorm meme