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A/N: Ahh, my first serious fanfic that I posted to Tumblr ahaha. This fic is dedicated for @just-servamp-trash, my beta reader and friend who always supports me to keep writing and developing my AUs and ideas which often get dark and angsty with deaths so I discard one of them lol. Nah, this AU is pure and fluffy, I hope. And @petrichor-note, who helped me with grammars and tenses. And I like to tag @reimeijennoir because you’re my close friend. I like to tag a person but I think I’m not ready enough for this, so I’ll tell her later. I’m sorry if there are grammar mistakes, English isn’t my native language and I still need to study about it. Anyway, have a greed pair fanfic!

He stared at his hands. They were white with black lines. He looked at the puddle below his black shoes which dripping black water droplets. It was a weird puddle. Its colors are red, light orange, peach, yellow, and blue with some dark brown and black dots. It was his colors, dripped from his body like dripping paint when raindrops hit his body.

A young man named Hyde, 18 years old. He was almost colorless.

In a town as beautiful as a painting, rain is an everyday stuff, yet is treated like a disaster. It changes you into a white and black person or what people say, a colorless person.

The water which in the rivers, lakes, sea, and the ones which you use in everyday life can’t do the same thing as the ones coming from ​the rain clouds can do. It must be a kind of curse or a strange phenomenon that happened in that town.

The only thing Hyde can do was running through the rain, finding a shelter for him. But it was impossible, colorless people are treated like weird creatures. Even though their color still can recover in days, even though they’re completely harmless, even though they’re the same humans like the colorful ones. But colorful people still see them as weird, white and black human-like creatures.

“Damn! I should bought a new umbrella when I went to that shop! Now I’m almost colorless, nobody wants to give me a space for me…” Thought Hyde as he hopelessly crouched under a tree at a park, protecting his very pale face and hair with his dark brown colored scarf from the raindrops. Closing his eyes, Hyde slowly burrowed his head into the scarf around his neck. He felt helpless. At least until he felt no raindrops fell on his head.

Hyde lifted up his head. He saw a white umbrella above him and a young man around his age. That young man has black hair with a white strip on his left fringe. He’s wearing a black hoodie with white trousers and a pair of black boots. Hyde’s attention went to the young man’s white backpack with a pair of white angel wings attached on it. Why would a young man in his age wears a backpack with such childish design? But he quickly switched his attention to something else, it bugged him.He noticed that black drops fell from the young man’s hair and left sleeve. Those were his colors.

“Hey,” Hyde called the young man, “Your hair and sleeves start to drip, you know. You should use your umbrella to protect your colors.” He averted his eyes from the young man. The young man shook his head, “No. You will catch cold if you stay too long under the rain.” He stayed for minutes, it was long enough to having white parts on his body, which losing their colors that had formed a black puddle on the ground. 

“Do you see me? I’m almost colorless. Most of my colors dripped. The only colors I have now are black on my shoes and dark brown on my scarf, and they’re fading now.” Hyde can’t hide his sadness anymore.

“What’s the matter? After all, colorful or colorless, you’re still a human.” Said the young man, “I’ll bring back your colors. It’s my duty as an angel.” Hyde’s eyes became wider due to his mixed feelings. Was he surprised? Or confused? Or probably some kind of happiness?

“Say what? An angel?” Hyde asked. “Yes. I’m Licht Jekylland Todoroki. An angel who descended from heaven to give blessings to this town.” The young man answered.

“h-huh? That name sounds familiar…” Hyde put his chin on is hand before he shouted in surprise. “Whaaat!? Licht Jekylland Todoroki, that famous pianist?! What are you-” Hyde words were stopped as a towel fell on his head. “There. You can use it.” Said Licht as he crouched beside Hyde with his umbrella protecting their bodies.

“t-thanks…” Hyde started to drying his hair with the towel, it started to revealing his colors. “My name is Hyde, nice to meet you…”

“Nice to meet you too.” Licht replied. 

“Licht… I don’t understand…”

“What? Licht blinked his eyes twice.

“Why did you help me? I was colorless and colorless people are seen as the menace of society. The colorful ones ignore and mock the colorless ones. I don’t understand why you did this…”

“Well, wouldn’t the world be more wonderful if everyone was colorful?” Licht answered by asking back. “If someone is colorless, you better help them.”

“Yeah.. you’re completely right. This world would be more wonderful if everyone is colorful.” Hyde smiled. “I once ignored a colorless man. I like to help him but I was afraid that people will mock me too. I’ll apologize when I meet him again.”

“Good.” Licht smiled too. “The rain has stopped, you better go home.” He stood and closed his umbrella. “Oh, here’s your towel.” Hyde stood too and gave the towel to Licht, “Don’t forget to dry yourself too.” All of his colors had recovered. He has yellow-blonde hair with three dark brown streaks on the fringe. He’s wearing red framed glasses that suit his golden eyes. He’s wearing a white shirt with a blue tie, a pair black shoes and orange and black striped socks. Both of his knee-length pants and tattered over-sized scarf are dark brown. Licht could see all of them.

“See you.” Hyde walked away while waving his hand. “See you too.” Licht replied. And he continued his way to the a cat cafe that he wanted to visit. Seemed like he got a new friend.


All of these are stuff my friend Thunber and I have pictured and talked about in the past xD See, we share a thousands headcanon lol~

I don’t remember how it happened but one time, we ended up saying we wanted to see Hyde with a cat ear hoodie and making cute nya noises at Licht… and then we mentioned the Cheshire cat from Tim Burton’s Alice in Wonderland, cause we both loved the design and… kajshdkj idk xD

I’ve had these doodles around for a while but I didn’t post them.

Cheerleader Lichtan is a plus(?)

Here it is folks! ^_^ First off, I want to say that this translation was done a bit quicker than the others because I looked up the chapter in the manga, whereas for the SLS ones I lacked some of the comics. Also, like most of us in the fandom, we are familiar with the translation done by @hatmirror.
I also looked that up, for the purpose of not writing everything word by word. Well, hope you enjoy it guys!
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Do you believe that Hyde and Misono talking passionaly about Shakespear and other literature stuff? And Tetsu and Licht looking at them and thinking how adorable it is :D (well Tetsu more than Licht)

I never thought of that before xD!! I actually had the vague idea that they wouldn’t really get along, but now that you mention it, I bet they’d be super geeky together talking about literature :pp

Like, Hyde is super dork and goofy, but I can picture him speaking all this fancy words when he gets really into the literature discussion, and only Misono can keep his pace. And they both enjoy that so much x)


Tetsu loves seeing Misono all impassioned~ Licht, well… I guess he’s impressed but wouldn’t really find it adorable x’D Yet, anyway ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)  (??)