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I wonder if I’m supposed to do any theorizing about the gems and their Cool Kid™ counterparts? 

The resemblance between Garnet and Buck is pretty straightforward - the glasses, the cool, calm, collected, and quiet demeanor, same lips and nose - Buck even has the crease on his forehead where Garnet’s third eye would be. Thinking about what Buck sad earlier about being judged against his dad, I guess the same could be said for Garnet - she’s being judged against Rose as a leader. 

Pearl and Sour Cream share a likeness, too; they swap hair and skin color, but have comparable hairstyles, similar facial features, and the same eyes. Trying to fit Sour Cream’s story about wanting to be a DJ while his dad wants him to be a fisherman is a little more tricky to fit with Pearl, unless my theory that she was some sort of elite gem back on Homeworld is true; then it would be that she had some sort of higher role to fill, but instead took the road less traveled and decided to rebel.

Aside from similar lips and sort of rounded features, Amethyst and Jenny don’t share too many physical traits, but they do seem to mirror each other in personality. I’ve got no clue how Jenny’s “I’m the bad twin, she’s the good twin” narrative could work for Amethyst, unless it’s foreshadowing us meeting another Amethyst down the line who’s not ‘wrong’ like our Amethyst is? 

And poor Steven has no one, because he is genuinely one of a kind.

That was a nice episode! It felt like a nice wind down from the last few episodes, which is pretty apt consider the central theme of the entire episode.

More Cool Kids™ is always welcome. I really enjoy them as side characters, and having them fleshed out a bit is awesome. I love the care this shows puts into it all of its characters. 

Feels like we may be putting Malachite on the back-burner in favor for finding Peridot, then, which is honestly fine by me. I’m good with either! Hell, bring them back together - Malachite finds Peridot and has her fuse along with them. Yeah. That seems likely. 

I’m giving this one an 8/10. Good episode - would watch again!

In other news, I’ve asked the my episode provider to no longer name episode files with the titles, so I have no idea what’s up next! This is uncharted territory. I’m scared. Hold me. 

I’ll hopefully get to the next episode in a couple of days, though - see ya then! ~

i wasn’t going to watch rocknaldo but then i did and Je Regrette

i have to say that what annoyed me most was this dismissiveness of humans that underlied the whole ep and has been a prevalent undercurrent in the show for a while

like i get them gems don’t understand human things, or whatever, but like rose quartz for over five thousand years saw something worth rebelling against a violent intergalactic empire for but humans are “weird” and jealous of how awesome gems are??

What happened to episodes like joy ride where the cool kids have an insight into loving that steven needs to deal with stuff? what about episodes like hospital nightmare where steven can see he’s missing something, or characters lile vedalia who amethyst trusts and respects???

su wants to have this “our differences make us special” message but constantly devalues its human characters so that the gems and steven (and connie now that she’s part of the possey) can look more impressive and it sets a weird tone idk

does anyone else get this feeling?