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I don’t know how is it possible that I haven’t added this one yet so I’m fixing it now. I think it’s my favourite portrait of Mr. Levitt I’ve painted (I liked it enough to print it and hang it in my room! :D). Still it’s quite old now (2012) so I think I should refresh my collection of this guy’s portraits :)


I love her smile.
I hate her crooked teeth.
I love her hair.
I hate her 1960s haircut.
I love her knees.
I hate her knobby knees.
I love this heart-shaped birthmark she has on her neck.  
I hate her cockroach-shaped splotch on her neck.
I love the way she sometimes licks her lips before she talks.
I hate the way she smacks her lips before she talks.
I love the sound of her laugh.
I hate the way she sounds when she laughs.
Joseph Gordon-Levitt in Talks to Direct, Star in Musical Comedy With Channing Tatum (EXCLUSIVE)
Joseph Gordon-Levitt is eyeing a return to the director’s chair, tackling a movie musical with Channing Tatum by his side. Sources tell Variety that Gordon-Levitt is in early negotiations to …
By Justin Kroll

Finally an update about the musical Joe and Channing have been developing since last year:

To recap: Joe and Chan signed on for an original musical at Universal after Joe and Michael Bacall pitched the idea of two pilots getting into R-rated trouble. Michael, their friend, earlier co-star, and writer of 21 Jump Street has written the script.

Now Variety claims that Joe is in negotiations to direct the movie as well. Which is a bit surprising because Chan denied last year that either of them was up to direct it, because they wanted to focus on the performances, the singing and dancing.

Variety also has a bit more info on the plot:

The story follows two pilots who crash-land in Las Vegas. According to sources, the film is in the vein of “Pitch Perfect” meets “Book of Mormon,” with the dup covering Top 100 hits with a touch of adult humor.

And the working title is Wingmen.