gifs: jenna

I want your body
Pressed up against my heart.
I want your hands spreading my
Lingering over the curves of my
Gripping my
Stroking my opinions,
and cupping my
I want your soul
Breathing heavily against my collarbones.
I want your thoughts
Nibling on my ears,
Your passions
Pressed against my lips,
Your hopes
Naked on my skin,
Your opinions
Hard under my hands
And your desires…
I want your desires letting out soft little
Moans against my soul. I want you.

I love being a team player and communicating with my team, but sometimes when I’m on a bit of a losing streak I just want to make the other players suffer. I’ll go Omega Squad Teemo for the next few games and make it my duty to make sure the enemy laner can’t step foot out of lane without running into a shroom or worse, a full-build camouflaged AP Burstmo. Nothing feels better than flashing that Mastery Lvl. 6 emote after a kill or five.

Artwork by RemandEm


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