gifs: it's complicated

When it comes to down to loving a football player or choosing one or the other I’m such a hoe I can’t just choose one I’m unloyal but loyal at the same time

Sandor Clegane: it’s complicated

Fans: Fuck this guy.

Fans: That guy sure is an asshole, but who isn’t in this show? Amirite?

Fans: Awwww, he’s like a father figure to Arya. And she wants him dead. Isn’t that adorable?

Fans: I was just starting to like him. Fucking figures. 

Fans: Who? Oh, yeah, sorry. That was like 19 deaths ago. 

Fans: I just don’t know how to feel anymore.  


The Vietnam War was complicated and in this video I take “just” a look at the military side..

It’s amazing how complicated your feelings can be about a person. Like “you fucked me over so hard and I could never revive the relationship we had but I will always love you and sometimes I see things that remind me of you and it makes me smile when I think of showing them to you and I know you hate me for reasons unknown probably and you probably talk shit about me to this day but you’ve made me smile you’ve made me cry and you’ve made me numb and I can’t think of you without retching and I can’t think of you without laughing and I can’t think of you without shaking my head.”

What do you call that?