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Inception AU – (or, in which they’re criminals operating in the subconscious)

When Parker was little she taught herself how to be a thief. When Archibald Leech, a renowned extractor, takes her under his wing he teaches her how to steal dreams. Years later she’s the best extractor in the business, stealing information out of people’s minds just as easily as she’s able to pick their pockets.
When she hears that Archie is in trouble she assembles a team of the best and most dangerous dreamsharers on the planet to achieve the impossible to save him.

Her choice falls on Eliot, an ex-military man with an inconvenient aversion to guns; Nate, whose controlling nature and tendency to always think ten steps ahead made him an immediate success in the dreamsharing industry after his former employer let his son die; Sophie, a forger with legends trailing after her; and Hardison, certifiable genius with an enthusiasm for all sciences, a syringe and a problem with authority.

Together, of course, they prove that sometimes bad guys make the best good guys.