gifs: icarly

  • Doxxed someone who was a racist on their live show
  • Also got away with the word “hobknocker”
  • Michelle Obama was literally there
  • Had a crossover with another show, Victorious
  • Spaghetti Tacos
  • Carly and Sam nearly died
  • Spencer was a nice brother
  • Drake & Josh callbacks
  • Got kidnapped by the same psycho twice, Gibby saving the first, Freddie’s mom and T-bo saving the second.
  • Had former Youtube star FRED appearing on the show
  • One Direction’s appearance
  • Shocked America at Jimmy Fallon’s show
  • Went to japan and got tricked by 2 japanese web celebrities.
  • Advertised shoes that were actually bad.
  • Freddie’s mom is a fencing pro
  • Buenos dias muchachalatas
  • Had the one guy from The Big Bang Theory in an episode.
  • Gibby
  • Carly’s claustrophobia attacks, one of them prevented the team from making a broadcast in space

remember on icarly when spencer joined a dating website and he had to make a video but all his ideas were bad so he just uploaded a video of him eating cereal? icarly was so iconic

  • Veronica: I have an offer for you.
  • Heather Duke: Make it quick, my mom just got laser eye surgery and she's coming to pick me up.
  • Veronica: I'm prepared to--- Wait, your mom just got laser eye surgery and she's driving a car?
  • Heather Duke: Didn't say she makes good decisions.
  • Veronica: And you're getting in the car with her?!
  • Heather Duke: Didn't say I make good decisions.