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1+2=3 [S. Smythe/Reader/H. Clarington]

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You and Hunter are in a happy relationship. But that’s doesn’t stop the lingering want for the perfect piece of ass that is Sebastian Smythe.

You were over at Dalton Acadamy, visiting your boyfriend, Hunter. It was spring break, and Hunter had decided to stay at the school with the Warblers instead of escaping off somewhere in the country for seven days. Being a once-trained military student, Hunter didnt like much change. You were more than happy to visit, especially when that meant you’d be spending time with his roomate.


You loved your boyfriend. God, did you love your boyfriend. But Sebastian…the name sent shivers up your spine just thinking about all the things that he could do to you. He was also, dispite all the things he’d done to his competition, extremely nice to your. You always took pride in knowing that you were one of the only people that was on Sebastian Sebastian Smythe’s good side.

You and Hunter were laying on his bed in his and Sebastian’s dorm. Hunter’s arms were around you and you were laying on his chest as the two of you watched Grease. The two of you were under the covers, Hunter shirtless and in a pair of sweatpants. You were in a loose white tank top and spandex shorts. You’d been paying attention to the movie since it started, but Hunter’s attention was never on the screen. His face was buried into your shoulder, nose rubbing against your warm skin.

Hunter had just started kissing your neck when the door opened, revealing Sebastian. He froze, seeing a shirtless Hunter kissing up and down your neck. Finally, you and Hunter put your plan into action.

Instead of pushing Hunter off, you lifted your arm to wave at Sebastian. “Oh, hey Seb,” you greeted nonchalantly, as if Hunter wasn’t shoving his hand up your shirt, “Didn’t think you’d be back yet. Where’d you go?”

Sebastian watched the two of you with wide eyes. “Um,” his tongue darted out to wet his lips, “the gym…” He stared at you and Hunter as the latter shimmied out of his sweatpants. Sebastian blinked. “I-I’ll give you two some privacy.” He barely spoke over a whisper, but before you could tell him to stay and join you, Sebastian was halfway down the hall.

You huffed, leaning back on the pillows. Hunter paused his movements. “Don’t worry, kitten,” he assured you, bumping your nose, “We’ll get him eventually.”

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Of Pineapples and Mermen [S. Smythe + H. Clarington]

“Don’t trust pineapples, Mister Merman. They’re evil.”

It was all over the news, plastered on the covers of magazines, and on every article you could possibly find.


The world had finally found and captured a merman and imprisoned it in the local Ohio aquarium. (The marine biologists who had found the creature were from Ohio.) Pictures of the merman were everywhere; you couldn’t turn a corner without seeing or hearing something that had to do with the merman.
Hunter thought it was absolutely horrible.

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hello anyone who reads my huntbastian fics!! beneath the cut is ~1000 words of something i’ve been low-level working on recently. pls let me know what you think and if it’s something i should continue

Hunter isn’t sure that he wants to meet his soulmate.

He knows that that’s wrong; he knows that soulmates are perfect for each other and that he’ll love his soulmate if he is so lucky as to meet them anytime soon. He has plenty of examples in his life of how wonderful the soulmate bond is; his parents, his sister and her husband, the list goes on.

But the thing is this: when he turned fourteen, he waited anxiously to see what words would turn up on his skin, what the first words his soulmate would say to him would be. Most people he knew that were getting their marks at around the same time were getting all sorts of cute little lines.

“Sorry, I didn’t see you there.”

“Hey, that’s a nice shirt.”

“I’m hopelessly lost, can you help me?”

Hunter, on the other hand, got this charming phrase: “What’s eating your ass?”

He isn’t sure what to make of that, really. He has been over it time and time again, and he still can’t find a way that it isn’t, well, disturbing.

Because it could be that his soulmate is incredibly innocent, potentially. It could be an honest question about what it means to “eat ass.” Of course, he knows that this is most likely not the case, and over the next few years comes to realize that there is just no way around the fact that it’s his soulmate using a very crass way to ask, “What’s bothering you?”

And the thing is, the sentiment is there. He can appreciate the idea of his soulmate’s first words to him being out of some type of concern. It could be a cute story. But not like this. No, “what’s eating your ass?” would never be romantic first words to say to someone. He can only wonder what words are on his soulmate; is he going to be the first to speak to them, or will his words be a response to “what’s eating your ass?”

It has also occurred to him that he can’t as easily imagine a girl saying the words as a guy. Of course, anything is possible, but… It’s probably a guy. Which isn’t a problem, necessarily; he has always been willing to accept the possibility that he was attracted to guys, and he was open to the thought of his soulmate turning out to be male, as long as said male is, well, a good and likable person.

For a long time after his mark appeared, he tried to hide it. He didn’t tell his parents or his sister that it had appeared, not wanting to see their reactions or hear what they had to say about Hunter’s soulmate, or Hunter himself, if that is the kind of person that he is destined to be with. The words rested below his collarbone (over his heart, which some people considered to be a sign of a particularly happy life, though he somewhat doubted it), and for a good year he refused to let anyone see him without a shirt on.

By now, he knows better than to hide it. He has learned that the laughter and confusion that comes when people find out what his mark says is better than the pity that comes when people conclude that he has no mark and thus, no soulmate.

He is, honestly, pretty proud of himself for reaching a point where he is willing to tell people about it just for the purpose of making them laugh. When he wears v-neck shirts you could occasionally see a little bit of the letters peeking out, and when people asked he didn’t shy away from telling them.

People will remark to him how he sounds fond when he talks about his mark, how he must already love his soulmate, and he’s not sure that he thinks that’s the case. He’s still incredibly nervous about the thought and he is perfectly willing to be one of those people who doesn’t meet their soulmate until later on in life. Though, as his sister points out, the maturity of the words on his skin suggest that he probably will be at least relatively young compared to some.

So, he isn’t really dreading it, but he also is willing to wait.


The first time Hunter sees Sebastian Smythe is during their junior year of high school.

Hunter is new to Dalton, a mid-semester transfer, and even before he really gets to know anyone, he hears Sebastian’s name several times. There isn’t anything specific that ties the people who mention him together, and it doesn’t really make sense to him. All that he knows is that it is abundantly clear that Sebastian has cemented himself as someone who is worthy of note to everyone else at the school; he has an identity as popular guy.

What he knows about Sebastian is this: he is a Warbler (meaning that it’s just a matter of time before they meet), he is an athlete of some sort (he’s heard people talking about seeing him “on the field”), and he apparently is pretty good at analyzing literature (one of his classmates was once tutored by him).

Someone else mentions Sebastian’s name in passing and he asks him, “Do you know Sebastian?”

The guy just laughs and Hunter isn’t sure that he will ever forget the response he got: “Sebastian is… unknowable.”

“What does that mean?”

“It means…” he starts and then stops, sighing and shaking his head slightly. “It means that Sebastian is an enigma. A fascinating enigma. It seems like everyone is his friend or at least wants to be his friend, but nobody really knows that much about him, even the people that he hangs around the most.”

Hunter nods slowly, because at least that is a slightly more acceptable answer than ‘he is unknowable.’ For a moment, he is going to just let it go, but something won’t allow him to leave it at that. “So, what’s so special about him?”

“Everything, probably,” the guy responds, letting out a laugh that gives Hunter the comfort of knowing that at least even he realizes how ridiculous it sounds. “He just… You know how they say that, like, cult leaders always are super charismatic? Sebastian could probably start a cult, especially based off of the way that so many people seem to hang off of his every word.”

“Are you any different?” Hunter can’t help himself but to ask.

“Eh, no,” he admits, and that’s kind of refreshing. “But like… You have to meet him, to understand it. He’s just… He disappears for days at a time – god knows how he’s not failing, by the way – and when he comes back? He’s got all kinds of crazy-ass stories.”

Part of Hunter wants to ask about what the guy means by “crazy-ass stories,” but part of him worries about coming off as being too interested in Sebastian especially when he hasn’t even laid eyes on the guy yet. So, he lets it go.


It later transpires that the reason it took a few days for Hunter to actually meet Sebastian is because, as luck would have it, he was off doing whatever it is that he does when he “disappears.” When he returns to his classes, Hunter overhears Sebastian telling people some story about sneaking backstage at a concert, which honestly sounds pretty cliché, though Hunter isn’t sure whether or not he believes that it is true.

The first impression Sebastian makes on Hunter is… okay. Looking at him, Hunter kind of understands what the hype is all about; he is, definitely, classically attractive. He’s tall and his hair has all the signs of being a real effort each morning while still managing to seem casual, and his eyes are an attractive shade of green. The Dalton uniform suits him well, but something tells him that it isn’t quite what he would choose for himself to wear.

And still, even though Hunter has seen Sebastian, has in fact seen him in a number of places around campus, they still haven’t actually spoken to each other. Of course, he doesn’t really mind it that much; from what he has seen so far, he isn’t entirely sure that he and Sebastian would have too much in common, so he lets it be.

For the most part, they just sort of coexist for a while. Sebastian has occasionally acknowledged Hunter’s presence but they never exchange words, but it’s more than good enough. There is no hostility between them, just a general lack of need to speak to each other.

Until, finally, it changes.