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4 days in Paris and a wonderfull Concert are waiting for me~ so I´m off.

But i´m leaving a Have we met Chapter 5 Preview ^_- hope you like it ♥


“Oh please shut up”
“Make me”
“I swear Smythe if you-”
“Then What? Will you come Over and punish me, oh i can´t wait!”
“shhht~ shut up”
Nick and Jeff entered the room “I´m sorry we´re late - are you flirting again?”
“How can you call THIS flirting?!”
“They are so obvoius it hurts” respondet wes anoyed


❛  I’ll take you home if you don’t leave me at the front door.  ❜
“No thank´s i have my own car”
“C´mon What are you so afraid of?  your fear controls everything”
“It´s time to part Smythe ..”
- silence_
“You´re drunk maybe i should take you home”
“No .. i´m okay”
“How many times more?!”
❛  don’t look at me that way.  ❜
Now I’m reaching for the things I’ve left behind,
and pushing you away gets harder every day.

  • [September 8th, 7am]
  • HUNTER: Good luck on your first day of classes, Bas.
  • HUNTER: I made you lunch if you get hungry in the middle of the day. I couldn't find your Spiderman lunchbox though, but I'm sure you'll just make do with the plain blue insulated bag.
  • HUNTER: Don't forget to smile and make some friends. And don't make anybody cry.