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In the episode “Black Hole” from season 6, House forces Wilson to buy a piece of furniture that says something about him: Wilson chooses an organ that House absolutely loves. House’s response is, “I like what this says about you.” To elaborate, in previous episodes Wilson got mad with Cuddy for hurting House and outbid her on the loft she was trying to buy. Then he moved in with House. House spent the entire episode pestering Wilson about furniture, going so far as to saying that if Wilson is incapable of buying furniture for himself, he’s empty inside. Cue Wilson nearly driving himself crazy trying to buy furniture and failing miserably; finally, he gives in and uses an interior decorator. The only thing in the whole apartment that Wilson actually manages to choose and buy on his own is an organ, which isn’t even for him, but explicitly intended for House. Implications are clear: House is the only fixed point in Wilson’s life, the only thing Wilson’s absolutely adamantly sure about, and he chooses to honour that. Frankly, this may be the most romantic gesture anyone on this show has made to anyone.
Best House/Wilson Episodes

PILOT S1E01: Hilson begins
HISTORIES S1E10: House finds out about Wilson’s brother Danny
BABIES & BATHWATER S1E18: Vogler fires Wilson
CLUELESS S2E15: House and Wilson live together Part 1
SAFE S2E16: House and Wilson live together Part 2
HOUSE VS. GOD S2E19: Wilson slept with a patient
SON OF COMA GUY S3E07: House doesn’t want to break their friendship
WHAC-A-MOLE S3E08: Tritter causes Wilson to lose his practice
MERRY LITTLE CHRISTMAS S3E10: Wilson tries to strike a deal with Tritter
WORDS AND DEEDS S3E11: House apologises to Wilson while in rehab
HOUSE TRAINING S3E20: House asks Bonnie about Wilson
RESIGNATION S3E22: House puts Wilson on speed
ALONE S4E01: Wilson steals House’s guitar
97 SECONDS S4E03: House electrocutes himself
DON’T EVER CHANGE S4E12: House accepts Wilson dating Amber
NO MORE MR. NICE GUY S4E13: House and Amber fight over Wilson
HOUSE’S HEAD S4E15: House is in a bus crash
WILSON’S HEART S4E16: Amber dies
NOT CANCER S5E02: House hires Lucas to find out about Wilson
BIRTHMARKS S5E04: Wilson takes House to House’s father’s funeral
LUCKY THIRTEEN S5E05: Wilson fakes new life-style
THE SOFTER SIDE S5E16: House is on methadone
THE SOCIAL CONTRACT S5E17: House accompanies Wilson to see Danny
SAVIORS S5E21: Wilson fakes diet change
UNDER MY SKIN S5E23: House hallucinates
BOTH SIDES NOW S5E24: House goes to Mayfield
EPIC FAIL S6E03: House cooks
KNOWN UNKNOWNS S6E07: Wilson’s conference speech
WILSON S6E10: Wilson has surgery for his patient
THE DOWN LOW S6E11: Nora assumes House and Wilson together
MOVING THE CHAINS S6E13: Lucas pranks House and Wilson
PRIVATE LIVES S6E15: Wilson was in a porno
BLACK HOLE S6E16: Wilson buys House an organ
KNIGHT FALL S6E18: House defensive of Wilson once he starts dating Sam
UNPLANNED PARENTHOOD S7E05: House and Wilson look after Rachel
YOU MUST REMEMBER THIS S7E12: Wilson gets Sarah the cat
OUT OF THE CHUTE S7E16: Wilson checks up on House after Huddy split
LAST TEMPTATION S7E19: House and Wilson hide chickens
TRANSPLANT S8E02: House comes back from prison
PERILS OF PARANOIA S8E08: Wilson tries to find House’s gun
GUT CHECK S8E16: House hires child actor to be Wilson’s long-lost child
THE C-WORD S8E19: Wilson does chemo at House’s place
POST MORTEM S8E20: House and Wilson go on a road trip
HOLDING ON S8E21: Wilson doesn’t want to take more chemo
EVERYBODY DIES S8E22: Hilson is endgame