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  • America: Japan, do you have your notes on China’s speech? I kinda lost track somewhere in the middle of it.
  • Japan: oh, sorry America-san, I didn’t listen to his specific speech.
  • America: you what?? Dude... I never thought you, out of all the countries here, would ever say that! Now that I think about it; you hardly listen to him at times, gets annoyed when he tells you to do something, act more laid-back around him, and- wait... are you two brothers??
  • Japan: ... you can tell?

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Why can't England swim?

Most people think that it’s because a lot of characters in British movies are unable to swim. That doesn’t make much sense to me, as it doesn’t explain why he didn’t learn to beforehand. I see it more as a metaphor for his own arrogance.

England thought very highly of his royal navy, and we know full well that he loves to gloat. Because of his self-perceived “invincibility” on the waters  – yes, I’m referring to one of his character songs, sue me – he probably didn’t feel the need to learn how to swim.

((Vintage Ludwig doodle in a style im developing!–And really wish to polish up one day..! TvT) I got my main inspirations from @kun5t-n1nja ’s amazing artworks and gorgeous artstyle!! (As well as Roger from the 101 Dalmations film for some reason…?? Or perhaps Disney in general..? Dunno!) Hope you guys like it!~

Also, feel free to share your opinions on this style!))