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The Blind Date (Kenji x F!MC Headcanon)

A request made by @aliaisreal of a scenario inspired by this line: 

“I walked into this restaurant and you thought I was your blind date and I just kind of went with it because I don’t want to eat alone”

Although I hope you don’t mind, I ended up writing it with this additional thought in mind: “– and because you were the most beautiful woman I’d ever seen.”

Note: Basically an AU where Alex and Kenji hadn’t met at the Grand as employer/employee and don’t know about each other’s identities. Also this is really long it got away from me and I wish I could write proper fanfic cause then it would probably be shorter.. cause less bullet points XD

Also gonna use my F!MC to make things easier for me cause this is LOOONG.

  • Poppy had set Alex up on a blind date.
    • “You need to get out there, all you do is work and worry about the bad guys, you need to let loose!”
    • “Fiiiine, but if I say yes, please shut up. Also, is he hot?”
    • “Of course he’s hot, they’re always hot, how dare you question my taste, Alex. He’s also got a good job, is nice and friendly, and sweet, thanks for asking. Nice to see you got your priorities straight.”
    • Alex does it anyway. Poppy does have good taste. She dresses up and gets to the restaurant first.
    • Poppy was being cheeky and only told Alex what he looked like: tall, dark hair, “really hot” – so that she’d be surprised.
    • She sits there in a nice blue dress that showed off her figure, with some light makeup on. The guy seems to be running late.
  • Kenji was out for the night. He had recently told his mom that he was going to quit law school and she wasn’t too happy with him. To get away from the line of fire, he drove his motorcycle out to one of his favorite restaurants in the city.
    • He walks in and this beautiful girl with dark hair and a lovely blue dress sitting alone near the center of the room catches his eye.
    • And he can’t really believe how beautiful she is.
    • He kinda stops in his tracks and stares just a second too long. 
    • He’s usually so smooth and in control around women, and he’s just so caught off guard by her.
  • Alex catches his eye from across the room. And takes the fact that he’s looking at her a little too long as a sign that maybe he’s the guy.
    • She awkwardly waves at him, a shy smile on her face.
    • And Kenji’s breath catches just a little, because wow, that’s a pretty smile. Like, a lights up the room kind of smile.
    • And he finally collects himself enough to wave back, the corner of his mouth turning up into a smirk.
    • Before he knows it he’s walking over to her. He doesn’t know why, but he’s drawn to her. His feet just carry him there.

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Hiya ! I was wondering if I could get Aizawa hc's with him, and his super hyper daughter who has a teleporting quirk (like her mother) and how he deals with her ? Thanks !💕

(Dad!Aizawa is so wholesome :) )

Originally posted by ukitakejuushiro

Aizawa Shouta

- Overall, Aizawa is a decent father. But, as someone who is usually tired, keeping up with an energetic child is burdensome. He loves her with all his heart, but there are times he rather bundle up in his sleeping bag than deal with her loudness. Of course, he recognizes his responsibility as a father and doesn’t neglect her in any way.

     - He’s still very patient. And, if necessary, he consults several parenting books and looks up tips from credible sources, though he realizes that there isn’t a perfect way to parenting.

- If she’s being too much for him, he usually sighs and tries to reason with her. She might be unreasonably hyper and maybe irritating, so he tells her to calm down and save her energy for later. Since she’s very hyper, she probably uses her Quirk at random times and in an excited manner. Aizawa often has to rush to wherever he assumes she transported to (depending on how developed her Quirk is, she might end up at least a block away).

- Aizawa tries to make her reasonably happy and takes her to the park often so she can unleash her energy through physical activity. He doesn’t enjoy taking her in public places with many people (such as the mall) because 1) he doesn’t enjoy publicity, and 2) she’d be bouncing off the walls in a matter of seconds. He does his best to peacefully restrain her without her getting too upset if things get out of hand.

- Although she’s super hyper and maybe even a lot to deal with, Aizawa finds her as adorable and endearing. He sees so much of his wife in her and treasures his daughter.