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Don’t go in, Officer Graham! It’s a trap!

A while ago i saw a post on dog license inspectors and how a young police officer Will would love that job. Can someone link me to the post cos i can’t seem to find it anymore. 

This is one of Hannipenguin’s daydreams, opening the door to a young officer Will and decides to keep him (spoiler: he does not have any dogs) 

After I think we had a good time for the Hanniversary, I thought we could get creative again! I was asked what was going on for the day when the 22 months are up and I thought as well as using the tag #22MonthsAreOver we could think about our hopes for season 4!

You could do this in lots of different ways!

In terms of the content, you could concentrate on themes, characters, ships, story lines, countries, inspirations, food, murder, aesthetics, anything!

and how to convey them? Feel free to post conversationally about it, write, draw, edit, gif, do multimedia work, mood boards, postcards, OR BAKE ANOTHER CAKE! Whatever you feel.

Let me know what you come up with! I love seeing the different ways people go with this kind of prompt and I always have a great deal of fun with it myself!

Any Questions let me know, but this is all fairly ad hoc!

Will Graham is a professional assassin and the treasured protégé of Hannibal Lecter, leader of the infamous Deadly Viper Assassination Squad. Will never thought he would give up his unconventional lifestyle, but then a mission comes along that changes everything. After taking out a target, Will discovers that the man he killed had a baby girl.

Deciding to take responsibility for the child, Will quits his career as an assassin and cuts all ties with Hannibal, trying to create a safe environment for himself and his new daughter. It’s only when he gets seriously involved with someone new that things go awry. In what becomes known as the massacre at Two Pines, Hannibal kills everyone present during Will’s wedding rehearsal while Will is beaten half to death by his old colleagues. The last thing Will remembers is Hannibal tenderly wiping the blood from his face with Will’s own pocket square before promptly shooting him in the head for his betrayal.

Four years later, Will wakes up in a hospital bed. Aching, alone and absolutely furious. Then and there, he swears revenge - Hannibal will pay for what he did to him. There will be a reckoning.

My two favorite things in a crossover/au literally no one ever asked for BUT CONSIDER

- Hannibal calling Will “kiddo”
- Will and Hannibal and katanas
- Will in that amazing yellow jumpsuit
- That opening scene that is just so hannigram omg