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We look at horsepower and always say, MORE!

We as human beings have always pushed the limits of the mind, body, spirit and of course, machinery. From the very first machines, we’ve always wanted more. Now we have this obscene thing from Kawasaki.

Enter the H2R.

From Kawasaki we have the H2 and its bigger, badder brother, the H2R. Essentially it has the 998cc lump from the ZX10-R and its been sprinkled with some go fast bits AND for a kicker, a two speed centrifugal supercharger. Yes this bike is supercharged. Kawasaki claims 300 hp & 115 ft/lb of torque and a top speed of 250-260 mph. As if the Hayabusa and the ZX14-R wasn’t enough, we now have this supercharged basket case of a bike. Now they didn’t just do all this and not give it any supporting mods along with it. It has dry carbon bodywork and a thinner exposed trellis frame. It also sports a single sided swing arm and they managed to stuff all of this goodness into a sport bike or a stock wheelbase, NUTS!

Now all of this has to have you thinking, does it have anything to keep it from mauling me like a rabid dog? It does actually. Its assisted with ABS, Adaptive Launch and Traction Controls and Engine Braking Control. So not only does it go like a bat outta hell, it has the the electronics to keep up with you as you creep into Cat 5 hurricane speeds. Along with all of this they utilize these small winglets or canards for you race car guys, which, do 3 jobs in conjunction with each other. They creat a low pressure zone that helps with engine cooling. Production of down-force during high speed cornering as well as straight line stability.  This is just nuts, mind you this is still a bike that for a mere 50,000 dollars you can take to the track and thrash around like a mad max movie. If 50k is too steep the H2 is 25k and makes 100 less horsepower but is equally as bonkers and street legal.

This right here shows how we as humans are ever pressing the envelope of speed and aerodynamics with machinery. Its impressive on paper and even more impressive when you put it against something that equally as nuts in terms of sheer engineering. Enter the Bugatti Veyron 16.4.

Here’s the video of the H2R vs. the Bugatti Veyron. I’ll leave you with this, Enjoy.


Sofuoglu finalmente lo ha conseguido: 400km/h sobre una moto de producción.

El cuatro veces campeón del mundo de Supersport ha batido el récord de velocidad máxima sobre una motocicleta de producción al alcanzar esta mañana los 400 km/h sobre su Kawasaki Ninja H2R sobrealimentada.

Para conseguir esos km/h que le faltaban, ha utilizado un mono especial sin costuras.