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I love reading people's ideas on gilnean witches. With the little lore we're given, it has allowed people to come up with some really creative ideas. Anyways, this is extremely broad, but what are some of your witch headcanons? Initiations, rituals, roles within a group, differences between male and female witches, etc. Unleash your ideas on me please!~


Let me direct you to a general headcanon filled post I did a month or so ago so I can avoid sounding like a broken record. If you got more questions feel free to come back for more questions. 


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The Cloud 9 hotel towers high above the anxious 19 year old as he takes his precious time approaching the doors. This was only his second time even entering the establishment, where he’s now been hired in exchange for shelter and food. With a rough upbringing, Dmitri was left with little-to-no money, but many different skills that helped him land such a sought-after job.

He almost cringes at the bell ringing above the doors as he enters, taking a deep breath as he walks to the counter. 

“I-I’m,” he stammers, “expecting someone. I just got hired.” he says to the receptionist, nervously digging his hands into his pockets. Wasn’t the owners nephew supposed to greet him and take him to where he’ll work?

"Serial Number 68, Crescent Girls' School...

Gold With Honours

It was the best moment ever. The feeling was just.. indescribable. I poured my tears out at the thought of managing to clinch the Gold With Honours award that was given to only about 9 schools out of 129 this year! :O

At first my emotional state was actually quite fine, not that nervous or worried or anything (cause i kind of believed we wouldn’t do that bad) yup but as they were announcing the results one by one, one serial number after another, i just started to literally hyperventilate as it neared our number 68.

At around 50, my friends beside me and i were gripping onto whatever around us and tears already started forming. Because we were so unsure of what that they would announce, what to expect, what to believe in… everything. My mind was practically blank by then. I didn’t know what to think… and just felt really worried that I just might be disappointed.

Tearing up before they announced our result just shows how muchhhhhhh we yearned for the GWH. How much our heart ached for the announcer to mention what we want. And super glad to say, we’ve achieved our goal (Y) The moment we heard the announcer said that short but impactful sentence, we instinctively just jumped out of our seats and screamed our lungs out in joy, followed by overflowing tears of… mixed feelings i guess. But my tears were like just non-stop for only 5-10 minutes and then after that i was done. I just.. experienced an influx of mixed emotions through that few hours HAHAHA :/ Mostly elated and touched though!

Really, SYF has been such an eventful and insightful journey that might just be once in a lifetime. Now that our hard work has paid off by allowing us to taste sweet success, I feel superbly satisfied (Y)

Crescent dance has played a big part of my life and I feel utterly proud and touched by firstly our very own family of Crescent dancers, Liu 老师, seniors and everyone who supported us. Really, we’ve created a Miracle.

Together, we create a new era“ :D

hey guys, my buddies and I are doing a 24 hour stream tomorrow starting around 5:30, we’re inspiring to be good streamers and would greatly appreciate it if you guys came to hang out. We are playing quite a handful of games, and I would love to play a game for anyone if they asked me to. Anyways, we’re playing 24 hours consecutively and you guys should come watch us and keep us company. I’ll post the stream url tomorrow but if you’d like the url personally please let me know and I’ll give it to ya. Thanks for reading this and have a good weekend folks!