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free ship week for the PJO fandom: featuring under-appreciated Romans

rly tho. im positive Gwen was the stable and practical cohort 5 leader, and Dakota was the “funner” and more spirited one. Their personalities would just complement each other perfectly. :) 


And then some face studies I had to do to get these adorable peoples figured out.

Duncan is sitting in his jail cell, and a guard comes up to him and says “Hey, aren’t you Duncan from total drama? I’m a big fan.” Duncan replies saying “Yeah, what about it?” The guard laughs and says “I was a fan of Gwuncan, can I ask ya something kid? Did you two really break up?” Duncan’s eyes get watery and he whispers “Yeah…” the guard lets out a big sigh and says “Sorry bout that.” Then walks away. Duncan pulls out a worn out picture from his pocket. It is of him and Gwen kissing. He lets the tears fall down his face onto the picture and says to himself “She was the one… and always will be…” the guard comes back again and says to Duncan that he has a visitor. Duncan wipes his tears and is taken out of his cell and sees to his right a beautiful girl with the whitest of skin and black hair with  midnight blue. Before the guard can put cuffs on Duncan, he is running towards Gwen. Duncan picks Gwen up and twirls her around. Gwen looks into his gorgeous blue eyes and says “You’ve always been the one too,” and kisses him. “I love you Duncan, I always have and always will.”

I like to think when Gwen and Zoey realized they liked each other, they had completely different thoughts about it.  Gwen would be more cool about liking another chick.  She’d probably worry more about ruining their friendship.  Zoey, on the other hand, would only notice the issue of gender.  Like, does she like girls now?  It this a one time thing?  Is she confused?  Eventually, they talk about it.  Gwen mostly just takes the time to convincing Zoey that’s it all okay.  Zoey wasn’t entirely convinced, but in the end all she cared about was being with Gwen.  It all just leads to them cuddling with Gwen giving Zoey little reassuring kisses.

Gwen and Zoey obviously have super different tastes in music.  When a band that Gwen likes is playing nearby, it doesn’t take much convincing to get Zoey to go.  If anything, she’d already be buying the tickets online just to make Gwen happy.  Now when it’s one of Zoey’s favorite bands, it takes a little more begging to get Gwen to go.  ‘Please Gwen!'  'I’ll buy you two boxes of blueberries~!'  'It’ll be fun!  Just like when we saw Gothic Mind Explosion!'  She’d just be pouting at Gwen until she finally gives in.  You never win against Zoey’s pout.

Ben10’s prone figure in the past.
Very long ago discovered that drew Lay Guide.

Oh, and I draw pictures sometimes side, though the amount raised is less Guide meantime I’ll pick the gap tumbler account thing I’m gonna be a long kkameokgi Because often. : D

I just really want gwuncan to happen again. This is depressing.

Like I understand that gwen wanted to be friends with courtney again and duncan was being a dick and became too caught up about what courtney was thinking about. But they could’ve talked it out. And what was the point of courtney and gwen to be friends again if courtney was going to go behind gwens back and make her lose in the semi-finals. Like thats just fucked up. No ‘true friend’ would do that.

And I don’t understand why Gwen is still taking her anger out on duncan. Duncans in jail now and gwen is out of TDA-S, what’s left?

Everything has been so disappointing. Idek anymore, why can’t gwuncan or dungwen be together again? I just hope if there’s a next season duncan and gwen patch up. *sighs*

(this was a rant and it was based on MY opinion so don’t go hating on me if you disagree with me)