gifs: gwen

Cleaned up sketch of Gwen boxing.  I did a small sketch a while back and decided from that that Gwen’s main weapon besides her fire is her body.  I don’t know her specific boxing style just yet.

Part of a project I’ve been working on.  I’m proud of how far I came on it actually and it took me a day or two sitting away from it to realize that.  I may or may not come back to it and rework things.  For right now it’s a cleaned up kick off sketch.

Gwen’s my gally

Things I found amusing/interesting in the newest Camp Camp episode:

  • Gwen’s tiny “oh dear lord no”
  • David scolding Max for saying “you’ve gotta be shitting me” but completely ignoring his “who the fuck is that?”
  • “What’s with the cult leader get-up?”
  • Max looking befuddled, bewildered, and a tad uncertain when he realized David has been telling Daniel all about him.
  • “I’mma stop you right there.”
  • “oh my fuck”
  • Max has apparently made cult jokes before and I don’t think anyone was surprised by this knowledge.
  • “Hey, David? “Yes, Nikki?” “WAKE UP AND SMELL THE KOOL-AID”
  • “You built a sauna?” “THAT IS NOT THE WORD TO FOCUS ON DAVID”
  • The Quartermaster eating rat poison like it’s candy
  • Neil asking for Max’s help and Max immediately stopping to confront Daniel
  • David’s tactics with Max changing from ‘get involved Max! it could be fun!’ to ‘I know it can be scary to try these things, but give it a shot!’
  • David knowing Max doesn’t love things, to the point that he almost latched onto him as a way of reminding himself that not everyone likes Daniel.
  • Max literally throwing himself into the void to prove a point is interesting all on its own tbh.
  • Max and Neil didn’t join in on the song, so I’m just imagining them standing side by side by the table, grinning.
  • Daniel wiggling his eyebrows 
  • “Oh, wait.”