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Maika ~my flower~
Kei Takebuchi
Maika ~my flower~

Fell in love with this song from Kei Takebuchi as soon as I heard it. It’s really such a beautiful song. I can’t believe I didn’t discover her earlier. The live version is amazing as well. 

Lyrics Translated: 

I’ve always been standing behind your back
I’ve been admiring it and at the time, I’m proud of it
No matter how painful the path is before me
For some reason, I’ll continue to believe and follow you

I stood there frozen fascinated by
The whirled up falling cherry blossoms
This forsaken me
Right now, what can I do?

For Tens of times, hundreds of times
Your figure has cheered me up
That tune you played
Was the most beautiful flower
Yes, even in this moment
A Flower that revives without losing their colors

For tens of times, hundreds of times
Your painted future has becomes my light of…

For tens of times, hundreds of times
Your smile has pushed my back
I cried over and over to
Your singing voice
Yes, even after several seconds
Will I still be crying?

Thank you, Thank you
I want to sincerely convey
This song becomes a flower too
May this reach you, my love

Lyrics (Kanji): 

私の憧れで 同時に誇りで
今 何ができるだろう
そう この瞬間も
色褪せず よみがえる花
そう この数秒後
私はまた 泣いているのかな…
ありがとう ありがとう


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I want to gather all the post into one master post, so it will be easier to find. Kind of my Portfolio Translations.

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Country Road; cover by Goosehouse

Why is no one flailing about this yet? I was so happy when they covered this song. I have a really soft spot for this and Whisper of the Heart will always be special for me. Hearing this song never fails to bring a smile to my face. \*v*)/

translating from:

Ugh, I really want to cry when reading this;_;
Your decision is not a foolish one, it’s a cool one.
Because you can honest to yourself and come back and continue as a goosehouse’s member;_; 

sorry for any mistakes in translating, I’m still studying it :)
If you want to repost: make sure you credit me

April Fool’s Day is over

This is really a pathetic story.
Buty this time, I do not lower my head.

It’s been one year since i was running from home, precisely one year has not passed yet.
But, I’m still accepted to come back home.

I had expressed my determination.
And my farewell was supposed to be a great one just like that
but now it’s become a joke.
I’m really sorry.

There must be a lot of opinion about it, 
and there’s nothing can be done about it.

Yes, I’m already quitting.
Before the Goosehouse, when Play You has just started,
When the USTREAM’s audience are still about 100 people and uncertain.
The truth, the first one who are sure about this Unit future was me.
At that time I felt the energy to move the time.
Compared to others, I really enjoyed being in Goosehouse.
(Although it is easy to imagine the “tsukkomi” from other members)
When I quit, I understand at that time that Goosehouse is growing and will become more popular.

Even so, I have made my decision to quit.
Because I’m sure that my second album will become something great.
The details are written in an article that omitted one year ago
Even for now it is still a wonderful piece.
For everyone who was involved and gave their respect,  I won’t forget it.

After that, when I’m continued living on, I’m evaluating.
The people who are cheering me enthusiasm are increased.
Starting from Okuda-san, and then many of great seniors who gave me chances.
That experience will become a precious treasure for me.

But, even so, the heartbeat and the feelings when I am still in Play You can be still remembered. I can not forget the feeling.
It’s not like because of someone else’s fault, but because I’m short of ability.

Of course, I will still continue my solo career. 
The future from now is not so bad, and I’ll wait.
And so does for Goosehouse’s future, I will witness it both.
If possible, I want it right now.
This chance is only for me.
Because now it’s the time that I can do it.
And, as I thought, I want to do it!

So, even this looks so uncool and fool,
I decided to follow my feelings.

For the people who sent me away with a warmth voice, one year ago.
And for the people who always support me, 
I’m really sorry.

Even so, my Solo career won’t end here.
As Saito Johhny from Goosehouse
This is my new start!

My songs in my second album, won’t be in vain.
So, this is a shameless request maybe,  
But please from now on, I want you to watch and take care of me again.

The House members have already accepted me again.
This time, I want all the housemates to accept me too.
I come back, and I will do my best.
So please, from now on also please take care of me.

Whatever and however the chance, I want to meet everyone again.

PS: GooseのHPの"Welcome Back, Johnny" even it is a blunder, I really want to cry. I’m so sorry.

Goosehouse Saito Johhny