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disney shows some lgbt support on ‘good luck charlie’ 1/26/14

TBH I’ll miss Disney’s Good Luck Charlie, I mean:
- no one on the show wanted to be a singer/dancer
-it was actually funny (it made my mom laugh sometimes,  that’s a lot for disney)
-there was no need for there to be a song number in each episode, even though Bridget Mendler can sing
-it showed just a normal family, no wizards, no pop stars, something you could identify with
-it had body diversity, there were PoC and chubby people who were not called chubby nor wanted to be thin
-the Teddy’s goal was to attend college (and a nice one), she studied and actually cared about school
-the most musical thing was PJ’s band, and at the end he went to culinary school
-the actually got in trouble, which shows kids that you won’t always get away with something bad
-they had good morals,
-the theme song wasn’t bad
-the mischievous kid did good things most times
-it dealt with normal human family stuff, like being the middle child, and sibling bickering and when the 3-year old started swearing, 
-the parents were very responsible and not total nitwits like in other shows
And last but not least, it was the first Disney Channel show to include a homosexual couple and fucking rocked it in the most cool and fabilous way ever, without making a big deal out of it and not offending anyone.

Over all, I’m gonna miss this show, at least I still have Gravity Falls.