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rorysummersblog  asked:

Top five unpopular Gilmore Girls opinions! :)

Thank you! You might not like some of these!

1. I love season 6. I love ANGST so the Lorelai/Rory fight is wonderful to me!

2. I really dislike Jess at first. I think he’s a jerk to Rory during their relationship. I only like him after they break up. When he comes back in season 6 I think he is great

3. I like Christopher. I mean, he’s an idiot, and I wish he never married Lorelai, but I usually enjoy watching him and the conflict that surrounds him (I like angst, remember?)

4. I hate Logan. I see nothing good about him.

5. Rory and Paris should be married by now. Is this unpopular? Shouldn’t be…