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SIGNAL BOOST: if you’re black and live in Gettysburg, please be careful!

Some racist got his Confederate flag burnt on his truck and his friends on Facebook are literally talking about lynching and shooting black people over it. One friend is even already targeting a neighbor to “check” out. Their comments are terrifying.

Please be safe from these racist, dangerous people!


Study aesthetics 😍 while studying with @studyingtimelord for our first biology exam of the semester. It’s 75 degrees today even though it’s February and usually snowing at this time around here so we took advantage of the beautiful weather to study respiration and photosynthesis in the presence of photosynthesizing plants :)
Wish us luck!

Happy studying y'all

One widely publicized incident during the American Civil War was is attributed to a Union soldier as related to Brig. Gen. A. L. Long of the Confederacy and Brigadier General Marcus Wright of the Federal Army,

I was at the Battle of Gettysburg myself, and an incident occurred there which largely changed my views of the Southern people. I had been a most bitter anti-South man, and fought and cursed the Confederacy desperately. I could see nothing good in any of them. The lost day of the fight I was badly wounded. A ball shattered my left leg. I lay on the ground not far from Cemetery Ridge, and as Gen. Lee ordered his retreat he and his officers rode near me.

As they came along I recognized him, and, though faint from exposure and loss of blood, I raised up my hands, looked Lee in the face, and shouted as loud as I could, ‘Hurrah for the Union!’ The general heard me, looked, stopped his horse, dismounted, and came toward me. I must confess that I at first thought he mean’t to kill me. But as he came up he looked at me with such a sad expression on his face that all fear left me, and I wondered what he was about. He extended his hand to me, grasping mine firmly, and looking right into my eyes said, ‘My son, I hope you will soon be well.’

If I live a thousand years I shall never forget the expression on Lee’s face. There he was defeated, retiring from the field that had cost him and his cause almost their last hope, and yet he stopped to say words like those to a wounded soldier of the opposition who had taunted him as he passed by! As soon as the general had left me I cried myself to sleep there upon the bloody ground.”

Source: My Brother’s Keeper; Union and Confederate Acts of Mercy During the Civil War.


The following video is considered to be one of the best paranormal evidence in existence. It was shot at Gettysburg in the early 2000s. The video shows figures walking amongst the trees and vanishing into nowhere. Gettysburg is considered to be one of the most haunted places in the United States, due to the battle fought in 1863.

This bronze tablet has been erected on the old Wills building in the Public Square at Gettysburg. In this house, then a private residence, Abraham Lincoln prepared his Address which was delivered the following day when the National Cemetery was dedicated. Lincoln’s Gettysburg Address is considered one of the masterpieces of English literature.