gifs: final destination 3


“Ok. Let’s go with what you guys are saying: let’s just say, you know, that Death does have a conscious plan, and that it’s been set into motion. Great. So, Newton’s Third Law of Motion and well, look, I’m just guessing that it goes for Death, too, when he’s working in our world. Newton says that every action has an equal and opposite reaction. So, that means that if Death has taken action, so can we. And that that action may thwart Death’s intent.”

Final Destination 3 (2006)
dir. James Wong

Final Destination has stopped me from…

1). Ever looking at a truck full of logs on the highway the same again. I always speed right past them.

2) Looking at roller coasters the same way. (Even if I do get still get on them)

3) Stepping foot in a tanning bed.
4) Wanting to do gymnastics ever again.

5) EVER AND I MEAN EVER wanting to get LASIK eye surgery

6) Getting Acupuncture. The thought of them putting needles in my body already is a big bunch of nope. This added to it.

Now don’t lie everyone. You know these movies have fucked up how you think of things.