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F(x) Reaction to: Hickeys & Butt Grabbing

Anon: Hi I saw your rv reaction to hickeys and butt grabbing. Could you do one for f(x) please? Thank you. ♡


Victoria: Leaves light hickey on you, in somewhat visible yet easily hid ares. So for example, she’ll leave one just behind your ear, that’s only visible up close or if your hair is pushed back. As for receiving, she doesn’t mind how heavy you go. Just so long as they’re not visible. The odd time you get carried away on her neck isn’t that big a deal, as long as she has no schedule. Those days she just wears a turtleneck.

Amber: If you have no where to go, she’ll be super bratty and litter you in dark hickeys that are still there, days later. But she’s not a fan of visible hickeys on herself. Except on her thighs. Dark hickeys and teeth marks are welcomed there (esp. on her inner thighs) since she’s so sensitive there.

Luna: Is in love with your chest. And loves even more to mark your chest up, mostly with light marks. Unless she gets carried away. Hickeys from her are generally a sensual, loving experience so she doesn’t often use teeth or suck harshly. Also prefers light, loving hickeys on herself. There are times, of course, when the passion is too high to control yourselves. But for the most part, you’re very gentle with each other. So light hickeys for her too, please.

Sulli: At this point in her life, she’s comfortable with herself and her sexuality. And doesn’t care who knows. So she’ll leave hickeys on you where and how she pleases, not caring how “scandalous” it is. The same would apply for her but her manager has strictly warned against it. So instead you leave light hickeys on her, in visible areas, that leave the media wondering if they were just a trick of the light or something more … there’s even online discussions about it haha.

Krystal: Like Luna, hickeys are a sensual experience (mostly). So she leaves light, feathery hickeys on you. The kind that are not enough, that leave you craving more. And as she models so much and posts so many aesthetic photos online, she can’t afford any visible hickeys … sadly.

Butt grabbing:

Victoria: Her butt touches are usually encouraging. They’re signs of “you can do this” or “go get ‘em.” And your butt grabbing is playful too. It’s not a serious thing either. If the girls smack your butt or you do likewise to them, she isn’t jealous or angry. It’s just a harmless act, after all.

Amber: She’s also very playful with butt touching. Except it happens more often than with Victoria. At least twenty times a day, she’ll spank you when you bend to pick something up. Or during play fights. She’s also prone to slipping her hand into your back pocket and squeezing your cheeks as you walk around.

Luna: Once or twice she’ll playfully smack your backside. But not very often. She likes your butt and doesn’t want to hurt it. Doesn’t mind if you smack her more often, though. Even enjoys some light spanking in the bedroom.

Sulli: Play fights with butt spanking always turn into something more so … when one of you touches the others butt, it’s a sign of wanting something more.

Krystal: “Why are you always trying to touch my butt? You’re so weird.” Acts like it’s so childish but you know damn well she’s just playing, to trick you into letting your guard down. So she can lay a full force smack on your butt that stings for hours >:)

f(x) Reaction: Their best friend flirts with their GF



“The door is that way b**ch”

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She was originally laughing at a joke one of her other friends said when she saw that her best friend was flirting with you.

>What are they doing? They know that Y/N is mine right?<

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“What the hell are they doing”

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“Wait what? Why are you flirting with my jagi?!?”

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*pulls her friend away from you* “Seriously? You know that Y/N is my girlfriend!!”

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I keep seeing people acting like they are so sad that older girl groups keep disbanding, but they put in zero effort to support them while they are still around. The only reason they are acting like this is because they are afraid their faves are next. And it’s a fair feeling to have, it’s understandable. But please stop saying something should be done but then not supporting any older girl groups other than your faves.

Seriously, go find a list of older girl groups and go watch their latest music videos, listen to them on spotify, maybe even buy a song or two (it’s understandable if you can’t tho), and show all of your support, even if it’s not your fave group. Because girl groups seem to have an expectation date, and you pretending to care isn’t actually helping.

a general concern about kpop


as kpop continues to grow and different and more people become interested in it, i’m beginning to see a growing trend where interational fans are equating a lot of their idols sucess with the achievements that they’ve accomplished in western media and it’s really fucking annoying and wrong. 

why are you equating western acknowledgment as being the most defining moment of any kpop act(s) career? Honestly, i feel like (well actually, i know)  that recieving a major Korean award in a major Korean award show like Daesang at the Golden Disk Awards is worth much more than some youtube/mtv/billboard award. Yes, it’s amazing that a group that exists in a totally different entertainment world and in the opposite side of the globe can get recognized by their counterpart, but the way that i see some of you react to news of this ___ group winning ____ American award is alarming and frusterating. Kpop does not exist to try to get the attention of western media or western peoples. it exists because it’s an actual form of entertainment in another country where they have their own set of standards and ideals. trying to frame them into yours doesn’t make any sense. when YOU got into kpop, you also got yourself into learning to accept another country’s ideas, culture, and standards. which means that them achieving something that you might think is great, doesn’t mean that it’s as great as you may think it is. 

i keep seeing these gifset and posts about how defining and momumental _____ moment is in kpop history and such but kpop history isn’t suddenly transformed and elevated after recieving western attention. it’s just recieved different attention. kpop history is transformed when artists that work within the korean entertainment do influential things and release influential works. the wonder girls shouldn’t be remember for debuting in america. how can you say something like that when the Wonder girls, an ICONIC group, has released so many iconic songs like “nobody” and “tell me”? gg shouldn’t be remembered for winning some youtube award. gg is the group that competely took control of hallyu with songs like “gee” and “genie.” and big bang that came out with songs like “haru” and “fantastic baby.” when lee hyori released “you go girl”. and mr. for kara. super junior with “sorry”. exo with “growl”. 2ne1′s “i am the best.” t-ara and “bo peep bo peep.” tvxq's “mirotic.” 2pm’s “heartbeat.” h.o.t’s “candy” and finkl “forever love.” (and sooo much more). songs like these make for iconic moments in kpop history. they are the things that will always be remembered by koreans and will continue to be known as THE songs of their era. songs like these change kpop history. these are the kinds of things that really affect and matter in kpop. 

I think some of you forget that kpop is its own thing and does its own thing. it’s  very different from the american entertainment system in so many ways. and whilst i wish there was more asian representation in american media (i am an asian-american female, too), kpop doesn’t have to move into america and I  honestly don’t want it to. i love kpop for what it is. it’s independet from everything that i’m kind of forced to consume in the country that i live in. also, in my opinion, as time progresses and generations of different people changes, there will be (there HAS TO BE) more asians and ethinic people in the American entertainment industry but that’s not to say that kpop has to be the thing that breaks the barrier. i COULD be. i don’t know, but honestly it’s very unlikely. i’ve always imagined that asian people would enter into the american entertainment industry through a mix of asian-ameican artists and asian artists influencing each other and working together. but nobody knows that for sure. 

either way, if you’re planning on being a kpop fan, you’re going to have to accept that there may always be some differences between the ways in which the korean entertainment industry and american entertainment industry work. these differences may be way too big for kpop artists to be widely accepted by the american audience and media. and these differences are great. they are some of the reasons why to why kpop has enamoured so many types of people from around the world. kpop is such an interesting entertainment form because fans find kpop on their own. this is different from the entertainment that you grow up with, which is something that is integrated into your life without really your choice. remember that the ways in which kpop is different makes it special. you guys are always screaming about individualism. when it presents itself, recognize it.