gifs: ever after high


THIS GOLD FABRIC IS THE WORST! My sewing machine refused to sew this fabric(changed needles and type of thread, nothing worked. Eventually I bought some fabric stabilizer and that worked though. ), the shimmer kept rubbing off and getting everywhere, and hot glue just slides off the slick side of the fabric. In short, the fabric was frustrating to work with.
Also, reasons to make doll shoes…she can stand on her own!
I used Walkercolours method for shoe making, unfortunately I made these before her thigh high boots tutorial. Maybe I’ll try to make thigh high boots again?


One more EAH backgrounder is done. This backgrounder took me a little longer because I completely finished one version of the dress, then decided I didn’t like it and started all over again. This backgrounder was made using a Justine Dancer doll. She was only partially re-rooted. I actually really liked her other hair color, so I ended up adding lighter shades of brown to give the original brown a little dimension. Her shoes were made using a pair of Blondies shoes and I just replaced the heal with one that matched her animation. The texture on the shoes was made using paint texturing gel. All her accessories were made from Fimo, and handed painted. I couldn’t find a fabric that really matched the umbre affect of this backgrounders dress, so I hand dyed it to better match her animation, then painted on the flower design. The pattern for this dress was made using a mix of pieces from RequiemArt patterns, and my own pattern. I hope you guys like her. As for her Fairy Tale, since Beauty and the beast is taken, how about the The Bear - Andrew Lang in The Grey Fairy Book. Other version of this story include: Catskin, The King who Wished to Marry His Daughter, The She-Bear, and Donkeyskin.