gifs: ea

you know how when you and your boyfriend are so in love that everything just sorta becomes about you and him. like you don’t wanna be one of those couples who just see each other in a room full of people but like he just does things like kiss you

or like you are hanging out with others but you’re just so engrossed in one another that even your friends are staring you down now but like they can’t help but smile either because you guys are so cute

and like you don’t even have to try because no matter what you’re doing, standing by the breakfast bar or signing some autographs you’re just exuding that vibe. y’know the kind you didn’t think you would

and then like your boyfriend just wants to snuggle with you and you’re all like ‘we’re in public’ but he just sorta molds into you like that’s his space and he is the only piece that will ever fit there.

and you didn’t wanna admit. you didn’t wanna be one of those couple who’re just lost in their own world but like you can’t help it, you see. because only he makes you smile so wide and bright. and at the end of the day you’re just a pair of giggling idiots in love.