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hey, can I request a Damian x Reader where they're younger (like 10-12) and somehow best friends but they have a secret like sucking their thumb? and gets all flustered when Damian finds out bc it's a weird habit for kids their age? pls and thank you!

Hi! Sorry this took a while to be posted! Have been busy lately which is the reason why posts are sporadic. Hopefully that will cease soon and I’ll be able to finish writing the requests! 

There it is again. Damian’s right eye twitches when he sees it from the corner of his eyes. This was not the first time he has seen it though. Over the past year, he has seen this countless of times but Damian has never had the chance to actually confront you about it. Damian has waited for you to tell him about it yourself but it has come to his attention that perhaps you had wanted to keep it a secret from him. Though judging by how he has seen it again, you are not doing such a good job.

Damian tilts his head to the side and sees you stiffening slightly before lowering your hand. He turns around to face you causing you to abruptly stop – your nose is almost touching his with how he had surprised you by turning around so suddenly. You stare at your best friend who is staring right at you with slightly narrowed eyes.

“Is something the matter, Damian?” You ask him, stepping back to give some space between the two of you. Your fingers twitch and you gulp. “Damian, you are starting to scare me.” You tell him using your other hand to lightly push him away from you.

To your surprise, Damian grabs a hold of your hand and brings it up to his face. When you try pulling your hand from his hold, he simply tightens it and you have been Damian’s friend for a while now and you know he will only let your hand go once he has satisfied his curiosity.

“Tt.” Damian stares at your fingers before peeking at you. “I thought you would come to me about this.” He tells you causing you to look at him in confusion because you do not really know what he is talking about.


Damian raises one of his eyebrows at you. “This habit of yours.” Damian points to your thumb and you blush immediately. Damian is slightly taken aback because this is the first time you have ever reacted like that in front of him. “Tt.”

“It – It’s nothing,” Your face feels extremely hot and when you try to tug your hand from Damian once more, he simply laces your fingers together with his and stare at you. You are aware of how stubborn Damian can be – it reminded you of the time when you first met him: if someone told you right then that you would be the best of friends with Damian, you probably would have laugh because the two of you were so different but once you got to know him, surprisingly the two of you share a lot of common interest. You sigh in defeat. “It’s just a habit… I can’t seem to break out of it yet and it gives me comfort.” You explain.

Damian hums, motioning for you to carry on. You let out another sigh – your face still feels like it is burning but not by much. “It’s embarrassing and weird.” You mumble, unable to look away from Damian’s eyes.

Damian shrugs. “I suppose it is a weird habit.” Damian mentions and you are about to tug your hand away when Damian tightens his hold on yours. “It is nothing you should be ashamed of. I unfortunately do not really have any habits of that sort but if you feel like sucking your thumb to help alleviate your discomfort, you are welcome to do so.” Damian points out before tugging you to follow him. “It is not like I will shun you or push you away. You are silly, Y/N.”

A smile appears on your face before you nod your head. Instead of walking behind Damian, you fall in to steps with him instead. “Thank you, Damian!”


Territorial (Damian X Reader)

Requested: Yes

Prompt: 27. “Is that a threat?”
 28. “Keep your eyes on me.”

Summary: A night out turns sour.
Word Count: 600

“I’ll be right back, beloved,” Damian informed you as you took another drink. You acknowledged him with a smile and a nod as you swallowed.

“Alright, I’ll be right here,” you answered with a sly grin. You were starting to feel a buzz setting in. You watched him turn a disdainful look towards the crowd of dancers. He made his way through the club towards what you could only assume was the restroom.

Despite his hatred for the loud club scene, Damian agreed to join you for some dancing. You knew that he secretly only wanted to ensure that no one bothered you while you drank. He did his best to enjoy a night out with you instead of focusing on potential threats. It was a good way to get him to relax, especially once the two of you started dancing and moving with the music.  

“Hey there sweet thing,” a gruff sounding man called from your left. You tried to simply ignore him, as if he hadn’t spoken to you. You raised the glass to your lips and enjoyed the warmth of the alcohol. You leaned forward on the bar, pretending to be in your own world.

I said hello there, hot stuff,” he continued, claiming the empty bar stool beside you.

“Hello,” you replied politely, but shortly. You wanted to be clear that you weren’t interested in his advances.

“What’s a pretty think like you doin’ alone in a club?” he asked as a bartender approached. You frowned as he ordered a beer for himself and “somethin’ fruity for the babe” with a chuckle.

No, thank you,” you stopped the bartender before he could start mixing a drink. “I don’t want another drink,” you told him.

“Come on, sweet cheeks, I’m payin’, what’s the harm?” he grinned and you felt your skin crawl.

“I said no,” you answered firmly. You turned back to the bartender with a frustrated frown. The jerk didn’t take your not-so-subtle hint. He grabbed you by your upper arm and jerked your body to face him directly. You attempted to pull away in disgust, but his grip was firm.

“Hey! Let go of her!” you heard Damian’s furious voice boom through the club. You never felt a greater sense of relief than when you saw his tall form break through the barrier of people.

“Look pal, the lady and I were just talkin’,” he tried to brush it off, raising his hands in an innocent gesture.

“Like hell!” Damian roared, his eyes were nearly black with his anger. “If you so much as think about touching her again, I’ll break every bone in your body,” he sneered. “Pal,” he added with disdain. You couldn’t ignore the fact that Damian was intimidating whenever he wanted to be. It was really rather sexy, if you were being honest.

“Is that a threat?” the man stood, squaring up with Damian. He realized then that Damian was a solid 6 inches taller than he was.

“It’s a promise,” he replied menacingly. The man’s eyes darted around Damian’s frame and met your gaze again. “Hey, keep your eyes on me, asshole,” Damian shoved him roughly. He took the hint then, realizing that Damian was much stronger than he looked. The man turned tail and disappeared into the crowd. Damian took a deep calming breath before turning back to face you.

Are you alright, beloved?” he asked with the familiar tenderness in his voice you had grown used to. You curled your arms around his waist and smiled up at him.

“Let’s go home,” you answered with a sly smirk.