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(via 4000’s at the Mart | Northbound CTA Evanston Express 4000’s … | Flickr)

Caption: “Northbound CTA Evanston Express 4000’s come into the Merchandise Mart with Motorman Luis Salazar at the controls  in May, 1971. If you look hard you can see the tower of Grand Central station over the train.”


May 1971

Photo by Lou Gerard

chicago transit authority experience tiers
  • like average inconvenience tier: it's really crowded and someone is accidentally pressing on ur spine and forcing u to do a little bit of upright yoga/really enthusiastic driver who is either singing to or loudly berating the passengers
  • moderate inconvenience tier: a verbal fight breaks out; drunk people loudly shout at each other around u or loudly shout at u; someone is taking up a whole seat for their sandwich
  • inconvenient tier: a mild physical fight breaks out; more than 2 trains pass that are too crowded to board; a woman empties her purse on the seat next to her and yells at you while she sorts through it; the man in the seat behind u reaches under the seat and unties your shoes; someone accuses u of thinking you're better than them bc you're doin homework
  • high inconvenience tier: The Jacker sits across from you; you are trapped in a car full of drunk frat boys in a tunnel due to delays; you fall asleep and wake up in a suburb that doesn't exist; rahm emanuel is in your train car and smiles at you; you're running late and the first train that arrives is the santa train; the car fills with smoke and they make everyone get off; the train is delayed at 8:03am because a real person got hit and the cps student next to you whispers "hell yeah"
A little disappointed

I just found a cool author that writes exclusively about the challenges of being a fat and slow runner. I was so excited I went out and bought her book. 

The first several pages made it clear this was written with women in mind - I get that. She is writing what she knows…. but then she specifically went out of her way to say this book is not for men. 

Again, I respect her focus - but there are so few resources out there for fat atheletes, why cut ½ of them off at the knees?

Now I am feeling discouraged and not sure I even want to read the rest of what she wrote - I don’t want to be a member of any club that does not want me. :p


Bag Lady, Orleans Street by Bob Segal
Via Flickr:
A woman carries shopping bags north on Orleans Street with the ‘L’ line and the North side cityscape behind her. This is the same view as reflected in the preceding photograph with a bit tighter perspective.