gifs: chris colfer


axemefink Happy birthday to my one and only @chriscolfer!!! There is NO one else I’d rather be in this circus with. Love you to the moon and beyond. Xoxoxo #BEMIME  #throwback

druidDUDE Happy bday to the smartest boy there ever was. @chriscolfer, u constantly amaze me. (This is the 1st pic that pops up of us on google)

LeaMichele Happy Birthday @chriscolfer  this says it all!  I love you!!!

aplotkin716 All the world’s a stage! HAPPY BIRTHDAY CC!! Thankful for you, and our annual July adventures 😁 (as seen here). 🎂❤️

@JOAQUINSEDILLO Happy Birthday Pal!  This one was taken on my birthday 3 years ago!  I U @chriscolfer