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I’ll steal your cold //Chanyeol//

paring: Chanyeol/ reader 

word: count: 761 

warning: SuUuuuPer CheEsy ,

“[y/n]?” Chanyeol poked his head into the room, looking at the lump curled up in the middle of the bed, a small pout pulling on his lip when he didn’t get a response

“I made you ramen” he said opening the door a bit more to walk in with a tray of steaming hot noodles balanced on one hand.
“jagiyaaa?” Chanyeol tried again the whine in his voice successfully causing the lump to move under the covers. Then, crawling to the top, you pulled the cover down to your chin.

“What?” you mumbled with half lidded, eyes and red nose.

“I made you ramen” Chanyeol said, quickly putting the tray on the bedside table and sat on the side of the bed helping your lazy form sit up with a large smile plastered on his face, as if waiting for praise.

“Thankyou” you sniffed as he put the tray on your lap.
“It’s okay” Chanyeol smiled again
You picked up the utensils with a shaky, weak hand that quickly dropped onto your lap.
“Ahhh, I don’t wana” you said then leaning your head back, whining.

“hmm” Chanyeol hummed in slight amusement before asked picking up the chopsticks “[y/n] needs my help~”
“Open your mouth”
Deciding you didn’t have enough energy to hit the giant child You did as he said and goofy boy feed you.

However scoop after scoop after scoop, you didn’t think you could eat any more despite the happy and content smile set on Chanyeol’s face.

“Chanyeol” you whined, gulping down the last scoop, you eyed the already full spoon and sighed “I’m full”
“But you haven’t even had half..” His smile dropped instantly, replacing with a worried pout “you usually eat 3 bowls before I can even think of stopping you”

Despite the twitch in your arm to raise your hand and smack him, you just sighed

“I’m not hungry, it hurts my throat,” you said trying to shuffle away as you coughed.
“Fine..” Chanyeol mumbled, taking the tray off your lap before you shuffled over and curled into a ball, facing away from him.

Chanyeol stood up with the tray and half empty bowl, going to put it in the kitchen till his eyes fell on the empty space beside you.

“[y/n]” Chanyeol cooed lifting the bed cover and snuggling up to your back, long arms squeezing you.
“ go away, you’ll catch my cold” you grumbled swatting at the cuddly boy.
“That’s fine” Chanyeol closed his eyes and smiled as he rested his head on your shoulder, the sweet scent of strawberries that came from your hair relaxing him.
“Seriously, if you get sick because of me do you know how mad everyone will be?” You said pulling at his arms in weak protest

“just let me stay here” his breath was right at your ear as he grumbled sleepily.

Suddenly sneezing, you became too tired to be bothered protesting and opted close your eyes instead, letting sleep wash over you in the comfort of Chanyeol’s arms.

“Fine, don’t cry to me when you get sick though”
A peaceful silence filled the room as both of you fell into a light sleep

“Achoo!” your sneeze jolted both yourself and Chanyeol from your sleep.
Chanyeol leaned over a bit, pulling a tissue from the box on the bedside table, sitting you as he did.
“Turn around”
You turned around holding nose
Chanyeol quickly putting the tissue to your nose when you sneezed again.
with a yawn, Chanyeol tossed the tissue onto the bedside table and looked at ou as you recover from the sneeze. You rubbed your red nose and patted your pink cheeks in an attempt to freshen up.

“You’re so cute” Chanyeol mumbled, then suddenly leaning in and pecking you on the lips.
“Oi! Are you trying to get sick?!” You scolded but was instead answered by another kiss
“Kind of..” Chanyeol answered unsure
You were pecked on the lips again.
“Trying To”
“Your cold”

You blinked, dumbfounded at the goof who kissed you again with a large smile.

“I’ll take your cold so you can get better”
“You’re crazy, we’ll both just get sick” You mumbled with a red face
“That’s no too bad either, then we can spend more time together” Chanyeol  chuckled and kissed you again.

“You’re weird…”You  pouted and wrapped your arms around him as you laid back down
"And You’re irresistible” Chanyeol countered as he cuddling up to you, showing your face in kisses.

‘Maybe being sick isn’t that bad…’