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Some things we don’t talk about
Rather do without
And just hold a smile.

Falling in and out of love
Ashamed and proud of
Together all the while.


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These are current, at this moment, personally troublesome characters for me. This list is by no means exhaustive–these are just the five this week. Maybe we should turn it into a weekly thing? Ha.

1. Philip Carlyle (The Greatest Showman)

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(Yes I have a thing for singing, dancing Zefron. And I loved the character.)

2. Dean Winchester

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3. Castiel

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4. Loki in a black suit

5. Steve Rogers a la Nomad

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Heart and Soul Part| Three

Pairing: Eventual Castiel x Reader

Requested: No.

Summary: Soulmate AU.

Warnings: The plot line is going to be straying a little away from canon (obviously- this is an AU. I thought I’d just mention it.) If you don’t like Soulmate AUs, maybe don’t read this one? Language, angst.

Rating: Not Angst, but not fluff.

Word Count: 1,311

Read Part One.
Read Part Two.

Title: Heart and Soul Part | Three


               Castiel sighs, his gaze meeting his uninvited visitors warily.

               “Gabriel,” he greets, closing his eyes and raking his fingers through his hair.

               “Whoa, little bro- you’ve seen better days.” Gabriel steps next to him, leaning against the building and pulling out a lollipop from his jacket. “Want one?” He offers it to Castiel, whose face twists slightly.

               “No thank you, Gabriel.” Gabriel shrugs, and begins to eat the sweet treat, staring out in front of them.

               “You sounded upset over the Angel Radio, bro. Something the matter?” Castiel squints, turning his gaze to the motel. Gabriel follows his gaze. “Ah.” Castiel frowns, and looks down at the ground, not responding. “You having a hard time telling her about the whole, ‘soulmates’ thing?” Castiel’s forehead crinkles as he glances up at Gabriel.

               “How did you know?” He asks.

               “Really? Come on Cassie,” he steps away, and laughs, motioning to the building. “Her soul is like a freaking beacon, I could practically see it a country away. It isn’t really discreet.” Castiel’s heart picks up, and he casts his gaze to the ground. Gabriel stays silent for a moment before moving over to his brother, placing his hand on his shoulder. “What does it feel like?” He asks softly, all the previous humor erased from his features.

               His gaze slowly drags upwards, and he meets Gabriel’s.

               “I cannot describe it.” He whispers. “It does not seem…typical, of how this is normally.” He sighs. “Then again, I am not human.” He sighs once more. “Being near her is like nothing I’ve experienced,” he whispers. “My longing to hold her- be near her, it pains me. It far exceeds the suffering of punishments from Heaven,” Castiel continues, dragging his hand down his face. “There is nothing more painful than this,” he squints slightly. “Which confuses me. I thought this- soulmate thing was supposed to be desirable. How can something so destructive be so appealing?” Gabriel shrugs.

               “It sounds to me this is because you’re resisting it. Which- and I mean no offense little bro- is possibly the stupidest thing you’ve done. And, we all know you’ve done some stupid things.” He laughs slightly and shakes his head. “I’m sure she’d be more than happy if she knew you were her soulmate. It’s obvious she wants one, why not you?” Castiel sighs again.

               “I am not desirable to her. It wouldn’t matter anyway. She said she is pleased with not having a soulmate. Something about being a hunter- how it would be easier…” Castiel looks away dejectedly, and sighs. “Even if she desired a soulmate, she deserves the best. I am flawed, I am unworthy of her love.” Gabriel rolls his eyes.

               “Cool the pity act, Castiel. You’re a freaking angel. Maybe if you stopped worrying so mu-” He stops talking suddenly, and glances at the motel. “They’re in there right now?”

               “Yes,” Castiel answers dismissively, squinting forward. “The Winchester’s are-” he turns, panic settling in when he realizes that Gabriel is no longer standing beside him. “G-Gabriel?”


Y/n shakes her head at her bother, an angry expression marring her typically calm features. Dean glances up at her, his eyebrows raised. When she doesn’t say anything, instead opting to continue silently reprimanding him, he throws his arms out in a shrug.

               “What? I was just giving Cas a hard time, why do you look so angry?” He asks incredulously, drinking from his beer angrily. “I do it all the time. I don’t see what the big deal is this time.” Dean leans over, holding his head in his hands as he chuckles. “I didn’t expect him to actually start to take off his clothes.” Y/n grunts angrily, and stands up, sharing a look with Sam.

               “Well- Dean, she clearly wanted you to stop.” Sam says slowly. “You were making them both uncomfortable.” Dean rolls his eyes, and grunts.

               “I’m sorry y/n. I was just trying to-” She sighs, and plops back down onto her chair, covering her face in her hands.

               “Do you think it’s possible?” She asks softly.

               “What?” Dean asks, quickly looking up at his sister.

               “What you said…the whole, soulmate thing. Is it possible that I do have a soulmate?” Y/n looks at Sam, her eyes growing slightly misty. “I mean, does it make any sense?” Sam sighs softly and sits down next to Dean.

               “I can always do some research, y/n. No one’s ever heard of an angel having a soulmate- but, Castiel has been human. I guess, it could be possible. There would be a really small chance- if any, but under the right circumstances, maybe.” Sam grabs his laptop and pulls it open.

               Before any of them have a chance to say anything else, a loud whooshing noise interrupts the temporary silence, and in a flash, Gabriel appears, throwing his arms out to the side.

               “Hey there. My favorite siblings, Sam, Dean,” he turns, and smiles, “and my brother’s favorite, y/n.” She pulls back in shock, her eyebrows furrowing.

               “What do you-” Before she can finish her sentence, Castiel appears in the room, barreling towards Gabriel and knocking him to the ground.

               “Gabriel, please- think about what you are-” Castiel is yanked backwards by an invisible force, and his body slams into the wall.

               “I’m doing what’s best, Castiel.” Gabriel replies, grinning happily when Y/n stands up and quickly makes her way to his fallen brother.

               “Castiel?” She kneels beside him, ignoring his protests and placing her hand on his back. “Are you okay?” Castiel’s voice catches in his throat, his world’s coming out in a strangled cry. “Gabriel, what the hell did you do to him?” She asks angrily, doing her best to inspect his features to get a clue as to what’s wrong.

               “I just threw him back- I swear on my father.” Gabriel holds his hands up, winking at Dean and Sam when she turns away. This elicits a confused look from Sam, and Dean tilts his head curiously.

               “Y/n/n, please. I am fine…” Gabriel laughs loudly and turns to his brother. Castiel’s body stiffens as his eyes snap open, his gaze turning instantly to Gabriel.

“You’re in deeper than you think, Castiel.” Castiel breathes in sharply, leaning back against the wall as his skin sears, his mind growing foggy.

               “What does he mean? Castiel, are you in trouble?” Y/n’s voice is desperate, the tone invading every sense in him.

               She’s worried. Castiel’s eyes open once more, and his gaze meets hers desperately, every fiber of his being aching to hold her, a confession to fall past his lips and for her hands to be on his back, to reach out to her- No. Castiel shudders slightly, his eyes closing tightly as he realizes just how wrong this is. He cannot be with her, he never could. He is an angel- and she is a human. He was never supposed to have a soulmate.

               A blinding blue light emits from Castiel’s eyes, his back radiating white as he pushes y/n away, a loud scream ripping from his body. Dean moves forward, pulling y/n away quickly, and the light bursts outwards in one second, and disappears the next.

               “Castiel?” Y/n lurches forward, tearing away from her brother and grabs his face, lifting it to look at him. “Castiel? Castiel, are you okay? Please, Castiel- answer me. Castiel!”

               His blue eyes open, and he stares up at y/n, swallowing roughly as he pulls away.

               “W-where did he go?” He whispers, his voice soft, his eyes widening. Dean tilts his head.

               “What the hell is wrong with you Cas?” His blue eyes raise to meet Dean’s gaze, and his forehead crinkles.

               “My name’s not Castiel.” He says. The room falls silent as it dawns on all of them, and he turns his gaze to y/n. Her e/c eyes search his as her heart plummets, everything fading from her mind.



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