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sex with Taehyung??

“Yeobo?” You heard a light yet deep voice say from the front of the apartment. You were currently in the bathroom taking a bath since it was late at night.

“I’m in the bathroom,” you said nonchalantly.

Taehyung opened the door and sighed. When you hopped in the bathtub, he had already fallen asleep on the couch after watching a movie. He’d been working hard lately, and you didn’t want to disturb him when he got sleep whenever he got the chance to.

“What time is it?” He asked, yawning.

“It’s almost ten. Did you have a good nap?”

“Yeah,” he said, pulling off his shirt. “I could use a bath, though.”

You scooted to the back of the tub and made room for your boyfriend as he peeled off all of his clothing and stepped in the warm water. Once in, he laid back against you, resting the back of his head on your chest.

“You’ve been working really hard, Taehyungie. I’m proud of you.” You said, kissing his head. He smiled.

“Thanks. I’m just so tired all the time, now.”

“Well,” you exhaled, rubbing his arm, “your rest is really important. You’ve got to remember to make time to sleep, okay?”

He chuckled. “You worry about me a lot.”

“I love you a lot.” You countered.

He leaned back to look at you. “I love you, too.”

Looking down at his tired face, you leaned your lips forward to kiss him. He pushed his lips against yours roughly in a not-so-subtle manner, making you pull away and laugh.

“What?” He asked.

“Nothing, nothing,” you laughed, kissing him once more.


You wrapped the fuzziest towel from the lining closet around your body and brushed your teeth, looking into the steamy mirror. V, once wrapping a towel around his waist, looked at you and smiled, his eyes taking in the glorious sight of seeing you fresh out of the shower, your skin still glistening, your hair still damp, the towel on your body exposing all the right slithers of skin. His mind racing with the most explicit thoughts of you, he let the towel fall from around his waist and wrapped his arms around your torso from behind you, making you stiffen at first, but immediately melt into his arms.

“Taehyung?” You asked as he flicked your hair off of your shoulder and kissed the crook of your neck, making you feel a bit limp.

“Hmm?” He hummed into his kiss.

“What are you doing?” You asked playfully.

“Hmm,” he hummed suggestively, undoing the knot you put in your towel and watching it fall off of you. You felt your body heat up instantly as he sent warm kisses down your back.

It had been at least a good month since you two had really done anything. There was just never time, and whenever there was, you two were too exhausted to even try.

But now? You were both considerably awake with plenty of time to spare, and you couldn’t think of a better way to spend that time than with Taehyung.

You turned around, facing him, and bringing his face to yours as you kissed him. He dived his tongue in between your teeth, exploring the corners of your mouth and making you moan lightly. He bit your lip lightly, making you gasp into the kiss. Too anxious to wait, you jumped up on the counter.

He smiled at you for the briefest second before connecting his lips to yours for another kiss as he positioned himself in between your legs.

Not allowing himself to hesitate, he pushed himself into you, making you gasp and clench your nails into his shoulder.

Taehyung had never been afraid to vocalize when it came to sex. Most guys would always shy away from moaning, believing it wasn’t the ‘manly’ thing to do.

Not Taehyung.

“Ah, ah.”



His vocabulary had been reduced into those few bursts of ecstasy as he thrust quickly in and out of you, making your body rock back and forth on the counter top.

As he reached his peak, he slammed his hand against the bathroom mirror and pushed himself into you, so deep that your hips felt as if they were conjoining.

You moaned out uncontrollably as you reached your climax, your eyes squeezed shut, your hands around Taehyung’s neck, your head leaning against the mirror where Taehyung’s hand streaked a print in the steam next to your face.

You recollected your breath, panting heavily as Taehyung leaned in and kissed your chest.

As he did so, you stroked the back of his neck, drawing small circles on the warm skin with your fingertips.

“Can we sleep in the bathroom tonight?” He asked, looking up at you.

You smiled. “Nope, come on.” You got down from the counter, only to feel your knees buck beneath you. Taehyung immediately grabbed your hips to keep you from falling over. Although he was extremely proud of himself for making your legs literally go numb, he picked you up and carried you over to the bed.

“Goodnight,” he said as he planted a kiss on your forehead and crawled into bed next to you, scooting over and wrapping his arms around you.

Before you could reply, he’d fallen asleep.

I feel like I haven’t written a Taehyung smut in forever (which is weird since he’s my bias hehe). Thanks for submitting~ 

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Can I please have a scenario of what Taetae would do if you bury your head in his shoulder because you're embarrassed that fans are taking pictures of you when you're out together? Fluffy please :)))

You stood in the lobby of Big Hit’s studio, your phone in hand as you checked your twitter. For some reason, it was blowing up.

It hadn’t really been calm since you became public about your relationship with Taehyung (you would constantly have to shut out of the app and restart it because the overflow of notifications was making your phone slow), but today it seemed to really be buzzing uncontrollably from notifications. Why was that?

“Yah,” you heard a familiar baritone call from behind you.

“Yeah?” You replied to Taehyung, keeping your eyes on your phone.

“Are you ready to go?” He asked, placing his head on the space between your neck and shoulder and looking down at your phone. “Why’s your phone freezing up?”

“Too many twitter notifications,” you replied, and then looked up at him and smiled. “Yeah, I’m ready.”

He kissed your nose lightly and reached down to grab your free hand. You two planned to go to the movies after he was done recording for BTS’s new album, and you were looking forward to a nice, peaceful day with your boyfriend.

However, your plans for peace would be temporarily put on hold.

The minute he opened the front doors to the studio, the sun blared in your eyes, making you squint and cover your face.

But that wasn’t the only thing in your face.

“Kim Taehyung! Taeh-AHHHH!” You heard the excited screams of the A.R.M.Y’s as you and Taehyung stepped outside.

The fans seemed to be pretty accepting of your relationship. You had read some hate posts about it, and some posts about how people felt as if you were using Taehyung, but overall, the fans supported it, which meant the world to you.

You still were always nervous whenever you two were out together, however. You didn’t want to worry or offend any A.R.M.Ys by being around Tae too much. You didn’t want to seem too clingy.

The minute fans started chanting your ship name and snapping pictures, you turned and buried your head in Taehyung’s shoulder, making the fans scream louder.

“Yah, she’s so cute!”

“Comfort her, Kim Taehyung!”

“We love you, _______-unnie!”

You were blushing uncontrollably as Taehyung looked down at you and let out a small, “awww, are you shy?”

He lifted your face out from his shoulder by placing his hand under your chin, making the fans scream loud and snap a million pictures.

“Say hi! They like you!” He said happily, looking out to the crowd and smiling at the fans. “Yah!” He called.

“Yes?” They answered enthusiastically.

“Do you approve of your unnie?”

“Yes!” They screamed back, making you feel more embarrassed. He looked down at your cute blushing face and smiled.

“Can I kiss her, please?” He asked, making you gasp and making the fans scream.

“YES!!!” They exclaimed.

He leaned in and planted a warm kiss on your forehead, making the fans scream the loudest that you’d ever heard them.

He immediately took your hand and lead you away, the screams of the fans behind you two as you continued down the street on the way to the theater.

I tried to make this one extremely fluffy. ~ Thank you for submitting! I hope you liked it. xx