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Bones’ The Lance to the Heart presented the show’s  heartfelt effort at a tribute to Sweets and his portrayer, the wonderful John Francis Daley. As the beautiful eulogy at his memorial clearly emphasized, he was the heart of that universe, the linchpin that kept everyone together. And now he’s gone.

Despite the obvious focus on Sweets, his undeniable presence (in spirit and memories) in the narrative, and his lionization throughout the episode, the fact remains that he (and JFD) was not there. To quote a friend, “his absence was a black hole." I couldn’t agree more.

Thank you for 7+ years of Sweets stories, Bones, but to this fan, Thursday’s episode was a series finale more than anything else. Four years ago, I came to this show for this character, after watching Mayhem on a Cross during a transatlantic flight to London. And now, with Sweets gone, I have lost my sole reason in watching the show. The show is over for me. 

But you know what? It’s okay. Sweets' journey, JFD’s hard work, was one about a beautiful, selfless soul. And there are more than 140 episodes full with great moments of Sweets that I will continue to treasure.

So, goodbye Bones, I guess.  


Just in case you ever wanted to know what a sea lion skull looks like…

I was fortunate enough to add a legal, pre-ban, complete with tag and letter of authenticity from NOAA California sea lion skull to my collection recently. He was from a scientist’s collection and was collected in the 1960s, prior to the Marine Mammal Protection Act of 1972. (No, I don’t know how he died.)

The skull is from a juvenile male sea lion; you can even see where his adult canines are beginning to erupt underneath the milk teeth! He’s in exquisite condition, no missing teeth and no major damage. His little baculum, which was sent along with him, was broken at some point post-mortem. The writing is from his life as a scientific specimen; I’ve opted to not clean it off partly to not damage the skull, and partly because it’s part of his history.

Anyway, since this is a rather uncommon skull, I thought I’d take some reference pictures. If you happen to use them for art reference, please let me know–I’d love to see the results! Sorry about the tag on the left side–I can’t remove that because that’s what shows he’s legal. If there are any more angles you want a photo of, just let me know!