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Ichiruki Month Day 15: Fluff (second submission) 


“It’s silly, wishing to stars for something impossible but I still wish we could stay like this forever.”

This is another submission for day 15 of Ichiruki month, august, 2017. The prompt is fluff.

I illustrated this for @funnyeasyme. For their fanfic, Kissed by the Baddest Bidder. It’s a scene from chapter ten of the fanfic. Here is a link.

This is all traditional. Everything is colored pencil with some ink, except for the white highlights, they are acrylic paint.

You may not use, repost, or anything, without my permission.

I wanted to check out the original version of this page, because of what Grimmjow says. I’ll convey an almost literal translation. Everything is Grimmjow’s speech.

“I won’t die without killing you, bastard.”

“I’ve been waiting…”

“…so I could settle things with you, bastard!”

First thing to notice: Grimmjow, language (cit. Captain America). He calls Ichigo bastard twice in a row (but Japanese don’t mind repetitions of the same lessical item).

Second one: Grimmjow has been waiting. For what? For his revenge battle, okay. Even if he says “settling things” as in “I’ll bring it to an end”. But he freaking said I’ve been waiting.

Grimmjow is the hot-headed type, so I’m quite sure the first thing he did when he recovered was going to the human world looking for Ichigo. And, of course, he realized Ichigo couldn’t see him anymore. Of course number two: he didn’t know Seireitei spent two years looking for a way to awaken Ichigo’s powers again. Yet, Grimmjow waited for Ichigo to come back as his opponent.

My dear audience, I present to you one of the people who believes the most in Ichigo Kurosaki: Grimmjow Jaegerjaques. Otherwise, he wouldn’t have said that. Grimmjow was sure somehow Ichigo would have managed to reverse his fate, because he also knew that Ichigo wouldn’t have surrendered to his state and would have reacted now or then. So he didn’t believe only in Ichigo’s strenght for combat, he also believed in Ichigo’s strong spirit (even if his strong spirit pissed him off more than once - aaand it pissed me off too sometimes).

And, little note, he was aware of Urahara’s plans (and he planned a lot far), so he knew Ichigo was the main gear of everything and he, Grimmjow-I-am-a-lone-panther-Jaeguerjaques, put his sake and the sake of his world into Ichigo’s hands. And he still considers Ichigo an enemy.

This means Grimmjow trusts Ichigo. Probably more than he trusted his own Hollow comrades.

If you want to talk about this or other Grimmjow and Ichigo insights topics, feel free to contact me. And I was thinking about creating more detailed and accurate posts of analysis of their relationship (or of them as single characters), if someone is interested.

anonymous asked:

best friend headcanons for Grimmjow, Nnoitora, and Szayel, please? [if such a thing even could happen]



-He’s the troublesome sort of friend that drags you into all kinds of problems. On the up side, there’s really never a dull moment when with him, but that unfortunately comes at the cost of constant trouble. He’s incredibly supportive, though, and will go along with nearly anything you want to do. 


-He’s a prickly, grouchy friend with a very low tolerance for anything he doesn’t like. Most days, it seems like he hardly even likes you, and he honestly spends more time yelling at you than doing anything helpful. However, if you’re in trouble, he’s the first person to murder whoever hurt you. 


-You get asked to help out with weird favors in his lab more often than you’re really comfortable with, but since he always seems willing to help you in return, you somehow put up with it. He’s a constant bragger and a horrible show off, and seems to have to be better than you at everything you do.