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anonymous asked:

Hey Bendy, what's your opinion on Alice, if you haven't said it before? Like, do you like spending time with her, do you have common interests, etc?

“I mean we’re both Drew toons, got that in common, shared some experiences; we’re kinda family I guess. I know I ain’t never gonna be rid of the broad - but do I like spending time with her? No! You kiddin’? Nevermind she’s an angel and I’m a demon, she don’t like the way I conduct my business. But so what? You don’t gotta like your family. She can’t do nothin’ about bein’ stuck to all of us same as we are to her, so she might as well take that clean little nose of hers right outta the air.

It’s even worse she’s tryn’a play the goody-two-shoes now. I thought she couldn’t get any more annoying than when she thought she was runnin’ the underground but now she’s tryn’a… Tryn’a deny her nature. She’s got power like me but she pretends she ain’t got it. Got self-image issues if you ask me… She needs a head doctor or somethin’.

I don’t hate her or whatever, like I said, we’re kinda family. And everytime she starts to nag me too much she backs off before I get too mad, so it’s whatever. I guess I can count on her when push comes to shove. But if ya give me the choice between spending a day with Alice and spending a day at church camp, can’t say it’d be an easy choice.” -BTDD

wibuwibirb  asked:

do you think there's a reason there are multiple Boris but not Bendy or Alice? Is it because Boris is such a good boy about 80% employees in the studio has a connection to him?

Joey was probably holding off creating Bendy until he perfected the process - he’s the main character, so you want to get him right. And if Joey is indeed Bendy, that means that the “Bendy“ we have in the game would have been the only possible attempt.

As for Alice: There are multiple Alice toys on the shelf, but all but one disappear after Alice appears. I think the implication is that there were multiple (failed, worse) versions of Alice, but the Alice we know killed them all for parts a long time ago.

“Who wants to paint the world with me?”

Yeeaaaup, he can use his ink to create “paint” that he can manipulate to his will. He’s a powerful inky boy, he is. I love him. Hehe! I’m probably gonna experiment with him some, we’ll see~. I hope you guys like! Until next time, live life like an Xplosion! JFlare out!