gifs: bare

what she says: im fine

what she means: one of the worst parts of bare the musical is what they do to portrait of a girl, it is a song sung by ivy alone about how girls are told they have to take a path and stick to it, and get labelled as “like that” or “not like that”, and the struggles of being seen a certain way that you can’t change. it’s about slut shaming and casual sexism and is not a fucking tinny little song about matt and ivy’s crushes and i absolutely fucking despise that they turned it into that, the musical is so awful and can we also talk about how best friend is the most annoying irrelevant song ever and why did they reduce nadia to a lucas replacement who hates ivy because she has a crush on matt? she is an amazing complex character who addresses body shaming and how the same kind of sexism that ivy faces affects all girls and there is no way to be a girl where everyone will approve your actions and however people see them they never see them as someone complex, it’s a terrible show and doesn’t deserve to share a name with the pop opera