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it was getting dark, and we were freezing, so i suggested we try a shortcut through the woods. we were trying to figure out where the hell we were when suddenly i fell into a hole. a voice yelled out from under me, ‘hinkle, hinkle, ist das du?’ i scrambled out of that foxhole and yelled, ‘hinkle your ass, kraut!’ and i ran… ralph likes to remind me of that incident often. he’d say, ‘hey babe, how’s hinkle?’ or ‘have you seen hinkle lately?’ i wonder if hinkle ever did make it back to his foxhole.” 

        - Babe Heffron, Brothers in Battle, Best of Friends

They had all kinds of exercises for the brass; everybody was showing off. I had my mortar squad – the best mortar squad in the company, probably in the army – fire at a couple of targets, but they missed! We never missed. Thank Christ nobody was watching. Taylor came around, and the boys fired again – Malarkey and Muck hit all the targets. I told Taylor, ‘My boys never miss!’ We still laugh about that.
—  William “Wild Bill” Guarnere, Brothers in Battle, Best of Friends
The definition of dedication

As a kid during the depression, Shifty Powers would throw coins into the air and shoot at them.  He did it so much that eventually he became a damn good shot.

Can you imagine how much money he spent doing this?  Each of those successful shots was a coin, and who knows how often he’d find the coin he tossed even if he missed.  This from a kid during the depression!

Of course in the end it paid off.  Shifty was the best shot in Easy Company and got paid more for being such a crack shot (the only other guy in the company to be as accurate as him was Buck Taylor - who knows how he gained his skill).


“They didn’t have enough ammo for the prisoners, so they killed as many as they could, before they left the camp. They locked the gates behind them and headed south… Actors, musicians, tailors, clerks, farmers, electricians, normal people, Jews.”

Band of Brothers Part 9, Why We Fight